Rule 359


Default rules for voting


When a rule calls for a decision to be made on an issue by voting, this rule shall regulate the course of the vote if no other rule specifies how this voting is to be performed.
  1. A vote is to be run by a votekeeper. If the rule which calls for the vote does not specify a person with responsibility for the task, the votekeeper shall be the Speaker.
  2. A vote shall be run over the course of 7 consecutive days. At the beginning of this period, the votekeeper must announce both the issue being voted on, and the possible votes.
  3. Every Player in the game (including the votekeeper) shall be entitled to one vote. It is the duty of the votekeeper to record and tabulate the votes that Players make. Players may not change their votes once cast.
  4. When the voting period finishes, it is the responsibility of the votekeeper to announce how each Player voted, and the result of the vote. This announcement must be made as soon as possible after the conclusion of the voting period. The voting period finishes when the allotted time expires, or when all eligible voters have voted, whichever comes first.
  5. A decision shall only be considered made as the result of the vote if a majority of voters voted for one option.
  6. If fewer than 20% of the eligible voting population cast a vote, then the vote shall be declared `inquorate', and no decision shall be considered made as a result of this vote.



Bill Trost


Wed, 13 Apr 94 16:26:11 CDT