Rule 387


Selection of the Judges


Let there be an Official Document known as the Measure of Acuity. Let there be a quantity of entities known as the Acuitix. The Measure may contain Acuitii. These Acuitii may be considered to be the property of players.

This document shall contain only player names followed by integers, one such pair per line. Each of these integers shall be known as the Acuity of the player which they immediately follow.

If a player's name is not listed in this Document, its name shall be added to this document, followed by an Acuity of 1. If a player leaves the game, the line containing its name shall be removed.

The Custodian of the Bar shall accurately maintain this document and distribute a facsimile of it to all players as soon as possible after it changes.


When the rules call for selection of a Judge, the following numbered events shall immediately occur in order.
  1. All players' Acuity shall increase by 1.
  2. A Judge shall be selected at random from among all players with a positive Acuity who are at that time Qualified with respect to that Judgement. Each of these players shall have a (Acuity of that player) / (Total Acuity of all players with positive Acuity Qualified w.r.t. the judgement) chance of being selected. If no Judge is selectable by this method, one shall be selected randomly among all players, with an equal chance for each.
  3. Each player shall lose 10%, rounded down to the next integer, of all Acuitii that they own.
  4. The Custodian of the Bar shall reveal the identity of the Judge to all players as soon as possible.


Within one week of the return of a Judgement, all players but the Judge may inform the Custodian whether they think the Judgement was SOUND or UNSOUND. The Judge shall gain 1 Acuity for every player who finds the Judgement SOUND in this manner, and lose 1 Acuity for every player who finds it UNSOUND in this manner.


Incorporates the "Qualification" concept and fixes several bugs --

Amends 371.


Jim Shea


submitted Sat, 7 May 94 13:53:19 CDT

distributed Sat May 7 PDT

Voting record

Michael		: FOR
P.		: FOR
Ronald		: FOR
Jim		: FOR
Bill		: FOR

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