Rule 386


Judicial Qualification


Each player shall be either Qualified or Disqualified with respect to any Call for Judgement which has been submitted. A player may not simultaneously be both Qualified and Disqualified with respect to a given CFJ, and a player shall be Qualified with respect to a given CFJ unless otherwise stated or implied by the rules.

The player who submits a CFJ is Disqualified with respect to that CFJ, as is any player who has previously served as a Judge for that CFJ and who failed to return a judgement on that CFJ in accordance with the rules.


I would like to set some groundwork for barring people from judgement based on agreed-upon criteria other than the existing ones. A subsequent proto-proposal defines some additional criteria which might be applied if approved by the voters, but I think it is useful to have the general concept separated as much as possible.


Jim Shea


submitted Sat, 7 May 94 13:53:19 CDT

distributed Sat May 7 PDT

Voting record

Michael		: FOR
P.		: FOR
Ronald		: FOR
Jim		: FOR
Bill		: FOR