Rule 329


The Office of the Scorekeeper.


The Roll shall contain the following sentence: "There exists the Office of the Scorekeeper."

The duties of the Scorekeeper are:

  1. Maintaining a document which reflects, to the best of the Scorekeeper's knowledge, how many points are posessed by each current player,
  2. posting this document to all current players no less than once every Nomic Week,
  3. notifying all current players in the event of a win on points.
At the beginning of every Nomic Week, the Scorekeeper shall recieve one third as many points as there are current players, rounded up to the next integer.

If no other player holds this Office, then the Speaker shall.

(After this Rule is enacted, Karl Anderson shall hold the Office of the Scorekeeper. The part of this Rule which is enclosed in parentheses, and those parentheses, shall then be deleted.)



Karl Anderson


Wed, 16 Mar 94 14:46:20 CST
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