Rule 330


Default rules for Executive Orders:


An executive order is a decree made by an Officer which has some immediate effect on the Game State. The executive orders available to any given Office, and the way in which they may be used are specified in the rules governing that office. Executive orders may, in general, affect the Game State in arbitrary ways, but rules for Offices' executive orders may not conflict with this one. This rule takes precedence over all rules for Offices where they may conflict.

All executive orders must be logged in the Executive Record (an Official Document as per rule 116) by the Player or Officer responsible for its maintenance. When an Office is given the ability to make an executive order, the description of that order must include a method by which the action of that order can be reversed at any later stage.

An executive order may be reversed if a Judgement determines that it was illegally made. In this case, the Game State must be restored as per the method specified in the description of the order.



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