Rule 309


Default Rules for Offices, and the Roll.


Let there be an official document known as the Roll. In order for an Office or an Officer to be valid, it must be specifically mentioned in the Roll.

An Official (or Officer) is any player which the Roll states holds an Office. An Office may not have more than one Officer at a time. The act of adding the identity of an Officer to the Roll is known as "appointing".

No player shall be appointed to an Office without its consent. Any Officer may simultaneously delete its name from the Roll in connexion with a particular Office and appoint a different consenting player to that Office. These actions may not be performed seperately, and must be announced to all players as soon as possible.

This Rule applies to general Offices, and defers to Rules for specific Offices.


Karl Anderson


Wed, 9 Feb 94 09:18:54 CST

Voting record

Ronald Kunne   : FOR
P. Adelvice    : FOR
G. Zibrowski   : FOR
Nelson Minar   : FOR
Matthew Kudzin : FOR
Karl Anderson  : FOR

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