Rule 308 - Auxiliary information stored in the list of Rules


Auxiliary information stored in the list of Rules


Henceforth, when a proposed Rule Change becomes a Rule, extra information about that Rule will be placed with the Rule in the list of current rules. The extra information is:


some record keeping is handy. This is related to my other proposal, "Well formedness of proposed Rule Changes". In particular, if both proposed Rule Changes become Rules, I think we'll have the beginnings of a readable database of rules.

Once again there is some vagueness here about what a Rule is. I tend to think of Rules as physical entities, their expression in the official Rule List. I want this extra data inserted into that list.


Nelson Minar


February 8, 1994 12:24:15 CST

Voting record

G. Zibrowski	: FOR
Karl Anderson	: FOR
Ronald Kunne	: AGAINST
P. Adelvice	: FOR
Michael Norrish : FOR
Matthew Kudzin	: FOR
Nelson Minar	: FOR

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