Referendum R6

Given that 11 of the 15 players of .Nomic have overtly Cantabrigian email addresses, as recorded on the webpage at 04:45 (GMT) on 2nd March, 1998, I call for a Referendum to decide whether this constitutes a game of nomic starting in Cambridge, as mentioned under rule 320(0).

Although this nomic did not start overtly in Cambridge, but merely on the newsgroup, I consider "starting" in this case to mean that point when the majority of Players were Cantabrigians, which is a point in the recent past, the exact timing of which I am uncertain due to propagation problems of

A vote in favour of this Referendum shall be construed to be in agreement with the proposition that .Nomic has become a Cantabrigian game under the limits of 320(0). As the single OxNomic player in .Nomic, if this Referendum passes I (Ian Snell) shall be appointed temporary Diplomat to .Nomic to explain the situation to them if that is found to be the means and ways, or to co-ordinate any warfare.

[Called by Ian Snell, 20.xi.1997. Failed 2:2.]

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Created 7.iii.1998 by Colin Batchelor