The Rule Clerk is an Officer of OxNomic, and if you don't know what OxNomic is, please visit that site first. The office of Rule Clerk was introduced by Rule 434 [Rule Clerk], and demands the maintenance of a logically ordered list of the rules of OxNomic, complementing the numerically ordered list held by the Speaker. The first Rule Clerk was Owen Massey, elected on 6.xii.1996, during the third game of OxNomic; he resigned at the end of Game 4 on 2.ii.1998. The second Rule Clerk is Ian Snell, elected on 10.ii.1998, near the start of the fifth game of OxNomic.

A different title has been assigned to every rule, so a rule may be uniquely identified by its title and rules may be discussed using titles rather than numbers. There are 20 immutable rules and 96 mutable rules at the time of writing this page, but this may not be kept up to date. However, the rules are numbered in the logical Rule List, so the number of them can be easily seen. Italicised text is used for those sections of a rule inapplicable due to the precedence of another rule; rules that are made completely inapplicable in this way are listed at the end, in normal text. Included in the Logical Ruleset is a list of Proposals that have affected that rule, hyperlinked to the Speaker's Proposal list. For those rules that had been renumbered before the introduction of Rule 452, the logical and numerical Rule lists have, in square brackets, the full Reference Numbers those rules would have had had 452 been in force throughout the game.

The list given on the main page is merely a list of topics, leading on to the full Logical list, which in turn lead on to the actual Logical Ruleset. The order of rules in these lists has no bearing on their precedence, and they are grouped purely for ease of reference. Also available is the ordered list which leads to the Logical Ruleset, so you can more easily find a particular numbered rule, and group it with its fellows. No rule has been edited to correct errors of spelling or grammar by the Rule Clerk, although some have been under the strictures of Rule 430. The Logical Ruleset is now also directly hyperlinked to the Speaker's Ruleset as well.

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