Successful Proposals


[Proposed by Owen Massey, 7.ii.1997.]

P2 Repeal 375.

[Proposed by Terry Boon, 11.ii.1997.]


[Proposed by Mark Rigby-Jones, 11.ii.1997.]

P4 Any player who entices a non-player into becoming a player shall receive a reward of CV20 and 20 points.

[Proposed by Ian Snell, 13.ii.1997.]

P5 Any player joining partway through a game shall be awarded 10% of the highest score in that game.

[Proposed by Ian Snell, 13.ii.1997.]

P14 [Amending 209]
For a Proposal to be adopted, the number of votes cast FOR the Proposal must exceed the Quotas of all the Items in the Proposal.

The Turnout shall be defined as the total number of votes cast FOR and AGAINST the Proposal. For each Item of the Proposal, its Quota of votes shall be determined as follows. If the Item is a rule change which would directly alter the actions which are required of and/or forbidden to the Speaker, the Quota shall be one-half of the Turnout if the Speaker consents, and two-thirds of the Turnout if the Speaker does not consent. If the Item is a proposal to transmute to immutable a rule which claims precedence over an immutable rule then the Quota shall be 100% of the turnout. If the item involves changing the number assigned to any rule then then the Quota shall be 100% of the Turnout if the new number is to be less than 200. If the Item is a rule change of any other sort then its Quota shall be one-half of the Turnout. If the Item is a Motion then its Quota shall be one-half of the Turnout.

[Proposed by Gordon Aickin, 14.ii.1997.]

P15 [Amending 438]
Players may only cast votes during the voting period. The voting period for any proposal shall be a period of 168 hours starting at the moment the speaker makes the proposal public.

During the first 72 hours of the voting period the proposer may make changes to the proposal provided that:

  1. it remains a valid Proposal as defined in the rules, and
  2. it does not attempt to amend a rule which is already subject to an amendment for which the voting period has not finished.
The change is carried out by posting the full text of the amended proposal to the news group and making clear what the differences are. The subject line must make clear the nature of the post.

If any changes were made to the proposal then the proposer must make a clear announcement when the 72 hours are up.

If the proposal is adopted then it will be adopted in the form wich was posted nearest to the end of the first 72 hours.

During 72 hours after the Speaker posts the Proposal, the player who submitted the Proposal has the right to withdraw the Proposal if this is allowed by the rules, and the player shall incur no penalty for doing so.

The voting period will never be less than 96 hours.

[Proposed by Gordon Aickin, 19.ii.1997.]

P16 No player shall incur a penalty in respect of a rule, or violation of the rules, if the offence concerned can be identified as having taken place before the current game of OxNomic started or more than two weeks before the suggested time for the application of the penalty.

[Proposed by Owen Massey, 19.ii.1997.]

P17 Any player may leave the game at any time by informing the Speaker of their desire to do so.

Any player not in Suspended Animation who has failed to cast a vote on the previous ten Proposals by the end of their voting periods may be removed from the game, and the Speaker shall inform remaining players of their removal.

An Officer who leaves the game shall be deemed to have resigned from each of the Offices which they hold.

Players may only leave, or be required to leave, the game as defined in the rules.

[Proposed by Owen Massey, 19.ii.1997.]

P18 [Amending 381]
Replace the first sentence with `If a Proposal is adopted then the player who proposed it shall receive 2 points for each Item of the Proposal, other than transmutations, repeals and Motions, which contains fifty words or fewer.'

[Proposed by Owen Massey, 19.ii.1997.]


[Proposed by Owen Massey, 22.ii.1997.]


[Proposed by Terry Boon, 2.iii.1997.]

P21 Amend rule 449 [Bribes] by appending to the end of the first paragraph:

Each player may use a Bribe on a Proposal at most once during the voting period for that Proposal.

[Proposed by Owen Massey, 7.iii.1997.]


[Proposed by Owen Massey, 9.v.1997.]

P24 Rules may be enacted, repealed or amended without a proposal if, and only if, the rules currently in force allow it. Any such enactment, repeal or amendment has the same authority as one which has been proposed and upon which a successful vote has been cast. For the purposes of rule 108, any rule changed in this manner shall be deemed to have been voted upon at the same time as this rule.

[Proposed by Ian Snell, 24.x.1997.]

P25 Repeal 334(0).

[Proposed by Ian Collier, 24.x.1997.]


[Proposed by Owen Massey, 27.x.1997.]

P27 In any case where a player has a non-integral number of any form of scoring (points, CV points, or any other forms, which should be added to this rule when they are created), this should be rounded up, unless specifically stated otherwise in the rules.

[Proposed by Ian Snell, 2.xi.1997.]

P28 A Judge may propose a Fast-Track Proposal after a Judgement. A Fast-Track Proposal is a Proposal differing from normal Proposals in only the manners detailed in this rule.

A Fast-Track Proposal needs no quorum, and has a voting period of only two days. A simple majority is all that is needed to pass a Fast-Track Proposal. The Proposer cannot be penalised in the result of the failure of the vote. Fast-Track Proposals shall be given a reference in the form FTn, in the same manner as normal Proposals, but with a separate numbering system. Fast-Track Proposals may not be used in any other cases.

For a week after the implementation of a Fast-Track Proposal, the contents of the Proposal shall be valid as if it were a full rule. Its effects shall be listed in a separate section of the ruleset, under the heading Probationary Rules. The Probationary Rule shall be referred to as PRn, where n is the Reference and Version number the rule would have were it a full rule. Probationary Rules must also list which part of the ruleset is invalid during the Probationary period, and after a week the full implementation of the Probationary Rule shall take place.

However, the implementation of a Fast-Track Proposal may be Overturned, by any player, during the Probationary period. The grounds for Overturning are either (a) a voting player did not have the chance to vote on the Proposal, and objects to it, or (b) a player has spotted a problem with the Probationary rule which had not been considered due to the swift nature of the Fast-Track Proposal.

To Overturn the implementation of a Fast-Track Proposal, the player who wishes to Overturn the implementation informs the Speaker of this desire. This is a valid Motion, and shall consist of the text "I call for the Overturn of PRn." This Motion is called a Motion for Overturning. A Motion for Overturning acts as another Fast-Track Proposal, with all the same conditions, with the exception that in the event of the Overturn of PRn, however, this Overturn does not go through a Probationary period.

These are the only methods for calling a Fast-Track Proposal.

[Proposed by Ian Snell, 2.xi.1997.]

P29 [amending 401(1)]
Append: `A Judgement may also be called for in the case where a player feels a rule is in contrast to the intention of the proposer. If the Judge feels the rule should be corrected, a Fast-Track proposal should be used, if they exist.'

[Proposed by Ian Snell, 2.xi.1997.]

P30 A player who leaves a game of OxNomic may not rejoin for at least one term unless that game has ended or the Speaker allows them to. If they do rejoin they will be counted as a new player for the purposes of all other rules.

[Proposed by Helen Broadie, 5.xi.1997.]

P33 After a judgement has been delivered, it may be appealed by any player (except the judge him or herself) as long as they inform the speaker that they wish to do so within one voting period of the time when Judgement was delivered.

When a Judgement is appealed three new Judges are selected (who may not be the player who originally called for Judgement, the first Judge to judge the statement, the player appealing, or the Speaker).

These three Judges then independently judge the original statement to be judged, and report their Judgement to the Speaker. When the speaker has received the Judgement from all three Judges the result is distributed.

The majority decision is the judgement made. In the case of a tie then the Speaker will also make a judgement and that judgement will be binding.

If the original judgement is found to be correct then the player who appealed shall be fined 10 points and CV6.

[Proposed by Gordon Aickin, 6.xi.1997.]


[Proposed by Ian Snell, 10.xi.1997.]

P36 [Amending 439(1)]
For the purposes of every Proposal divisible by 25, the Speaker shall be an honorary Voter, with full rights.

[Proposed by Ian Snell, 10.xi.1997.]

P38 There exists a procedure to be referred to as a Referendum. The plural of Referendum, for the purpose of this game, is Referendux. This procedure works in the same way that a normal vote did at the time of proposal of this rule with the following amendments:

Referendux may not be used to ratify or reject proposals and are not intended for use in the creation of new rules.

[Proposed by Chris Dickson, 11.xi.1997.]

P41 [amending 444]
For a Proposal to be adopted the number of votes FOR the proposal must exceed the minimum allowed Quota of every item in the Proposal.

The Turnout shall be defined as the total number of votes cast FOR and AGAINST the Proposal. For each Item of the Proposal, its Quota of votes shall be determined as follows:

Officers consent to an item which is a rule change which would directly alter the actions which are required of and/or forbidden to them, by default. If they do not consent then they must make this clear on the newsgroup and inform the Speaker during the voting period on that proposal. If an Officer states that they do not consent to an item then they may only change their mind if the item is modified.

[Proposed by Gordon Aickin, 14.xi.1997.]

P42 [amending 401 [Form of Judgement]]
Change the word `should' in the first line to `must'.

[Proposed by Gordon Aickin, 14.xi.1997.]

P43 [amending 433(0)]
There is an Office called Scribe. The Scribe shall be required to write, and make available to all players, an OxNomic newsletter. All Players may submit articles or points of interest to the Scribe for possible inclusion in a newsletter. The Scribe shall receive CV2 for each newsletter they write; this counts as a salary.

The Scribe shall write at most one newsletter per week. If the Scribe fails to write at least one newsletter in any term then the Speaker shall table a Motion of No Confidence in the Scribe.

[Proposed by Owen Massey, 14.xi.1997.]

FT1 [amending 453 [Unproposed Rule Changes]]
Insert the word `explicitly' before the word `allow' in the first sentence.

[Proposed by Ian Snell, 20.xi.1997.]

P44 Without Dusty Bin.

[Proposed by Nick Fortescue, 20.xi.1997.]


[Proposed by Owen Massey, 20.xi.1997.]


[Proposed by Owen Massey, 21.xi.1997.]

P47 "Change the Reference Number of Rule x(n) to y(p).", where x, n, y and p are replaced by natural numbers, x(n) is the Reference Number of some rule and y is not the Rule Number of any rule, is a valid Motion which shall be called a Motion of Renumbering. If the Motion is carried then Rule x(n) shall immediately have its Reference Number changed to y(p).

[Proposed by Owen Massey, 22.xi.1997.]

P48 Any player may officially tell a joke by mailing it, suitably labelled, to the speaker, who will then distribute it to all the players. A Referendum is then held on whether the joke is thought to be amusing or not. If the joke is thought to be amusing, the player whose joke it was becomes the Joker (any previous Joker loses their status) and immediately earns 5 CV points. If the joke is not thought to be amusing, the player whose joke it was immediately loses 5 CV points. The speaker is entitled (but not obliged) not to distribute a joke, at their discretion, if a Referendum is currently taking place, or if a Referendum has taken place too recently in their opinion.

[Proposed by Chris Dickson, 22.xi.1997.]

P50 [Amending 207(0)]
Voters may cast a vote on any Proposal within its prescribed voting period by informing the Speaker. The possible legal votes are: double-for, for, abstain, against and double-against (denoted ++, +, A, - and --, respectively). Any vote on a particular Proposal which is received by the Speaker outside the prescribed voting period for that Proposal but before the result of the vote is announced may be accepted or rejected at the discretion of the Speaker. The Speaker may not reveal any votes until the end of the prescribed voting period.

A Voter who casts a vote which is ++ or + on a Proposal will be deemed to have voted FOR the Proposal. A Voter who casts a vote which is -- or - on a Proposal will be deemed to have voted AGAINST the Proposal. A voter who casts a vote which is A on a Proposal, or who neither casts a legal vote within the prescribed voting period nor has a vote accepted by the Speaker in any other manner on that Proposal, will be deemed to have voted neither FOR nor AGAINST the Proposal.

If the vote of any Voter may be defined in two or more different ways by any rule or set of rules (including cases in which a Voter sends two or more votes to the Speaker) then the vote whose definition came into effect at the latest time will be the ruling vote and the other votes will be deemed invalid. This takes precedence over all other rules, but only in the event that no other rule determines a unique vote for the Voter.

Any vote so defined by this rule shall be a counting vote.

[Proposed by Ian Collier, 25.xi.1997.]

P53 The Speaker will assign each Referendum a reference number of the form Rx, where x is usually a positive integer, and generally speaking one more than the x used in the previous reference number.

[Proposed by Simon Cozens, 26.xi.1997.]

FT2 Amend 449(2) [Bribes] by inserting the following paragraph before the last:
If any Voter is Bribed more than once on any Proposal in an otherwise legal manner the counting vote of that Voter shall be the vote which the player giving the latest legal Bribe decided.

[Proposed by Helen Broadie, 4.xii.1997.]

FT3 [amending 398(0) [Judgement]]
Append "A judgement can only be invoked by a player who isn't in Suspended Animation."

[Proposed by Colin Batchelor, 9.xii.1997.]


[Proposed by Owen Massey, 19.i.1998.]

P62 A Player may be awarded the Courtesy Title of Pedant if, in the majority opinion of a Referendum initiated by the Speaker upon receipt of a nomination by a Voter other than the Voter who is the possible recipient of the Courtesy Title, any posting of theirs on the newsgroup ox.games.nomic is thought to be overly pedantic, and upon receipt of this title the recipient of the Courtesy Title receives an immediate award of CV10, unless the aforementioned posting contained a spelling or grammatical error, in which case the recipient is immediately penalised CV10.

[Proposed by Ian Snell, 19.i.1998.]


[Proposed by Helen Broadie, 26.i.1998.]

P63 There is an Office of Recorder. The Recorder receives a salary of CV1 every 4 days. The Recorder shall maintain and make public a list of all Calls for Judgement and the Judgements delivered on them and shall record Black Marks against players' names.

[Proposed by Owen Massey, 26.i.1998.]

P65 An Item which is a transmutation shall be considered as an amendment.

[Proposed by Owen Massey, 26.i.1998.]

P67 Amend 402(1) by adding this to the end of the last sentence:
but the Speaker may refuse to accept it as Fast-Track if it involves more than just clarifying the situation.

[Proposed by Helen Broadie, 26.i.1998.]


[Proposed by Ian Snell, 1.ii.1998.]

P69 Amend rule 201 such that its complete text reads:
Quorum for a proposed rule change is defined to be 20% of all human Voters at the beginning of the prescribed voting period for that proposal. Quorum is achieved if, and only if, the number of votes from human Players equals or exceeds the quorate number of votes.

[Proposed by Ian Snell, 1.ii.1998.]


[Proposed by Simon Cozens, 3.ii.1998. It didn't pass unanimously.]

P71 Amend Rule 465 to read:
"Change the Reference Number of Rule x(m) to y(n).", where m, n, x and y are replaced by natural numbers, is a valid Motion, called a Motion of Renumbering. If the Motion is carried then any rule with Reference Number x(m) shall immediately have its Reference Number changed to y(n), provided y is not the Rule Number of any rule other than x(m).

[Proposed by Owen Massey, 3.ii.1998.]

P73 At all times, each player shall be exactly one of Green, Purple and Colourless. This is called the player's Shade and shall be recorded and made public by the Speaker.

Each player shall be required to send a message to the Speaker declaring themselves to be exactly one of Green, Purple and Colourless. Any player who has not done so seven days after the enactment of this Proposal shall be allocated a Shade by the Speaker. The Speaker shall keep the Shades chosen secret until all players have a Shade. When this is done, this paragraph shall be repealed from this rule.

When a Proposal is made, the Speaker shall deem it Green with probability 1/2 and Purple with probability 1/2. The Speaker shall keep this secret until the Proposal is declared adopted or rejected. Each Green player gains 2 points for voting FOR a Green Proposal and loses 2 points for voting AGAINST a Green Proposal. Each Purple player gains 2 points for voting FOR a Purple Proposal and loses 2 points for voting AGAINST a Purple Proposal. No Colourless player shall gain or lose points as a result of this rule.

The Speaker may change the probabilities of a Proposal being declared Green or Purple and the points gained or lost by Green or Purple players. Such a change must be distributed to all players and takes effect only on Proposals made after its distribution.

[Proposed by Owen Massey, 3.ii.1998. Adopted as Rule 477(0) because 476(0) had been briefly used by P70.]

P74 There exists a Puppet called Chris Dickson. The Master of Chris Dickson is to be paid CV1 every eight days for Chris Dickson. Chris Dickson's Instructions are as follows:

[Proposed by Ian Collier, 10.ii.1998.]

P75 There exists a Puppet called Death. For the purposes of OxNomic, Death is female. The Master of Death is to be paid CV1 every four days for Death. Death's Instructions are as follows:

On Monday of each week of Full Term, the Master of Death shall choose a rule at random from the ruleset. If the rule selected is immutable then Death makes a Proposal to transmute it to mutable. If the rule selected is mutable then Death makes a Proposal to repeal it. Death is always able to make a Proposal. Death will cast a vote of ABSTAIN on all Proposals except as determined by the rules. Death may not be Bribed.

Death may not win the game. This takes precedence over any rule determining the winner of the game.

[Proposed by Owen Massey, 10.ii.1998.]

P78 Amend 469(0) [Recorder] by appending the text:
The Recorder will also maintain a list of Referendux and their results.

[Proposed by Ian Collier, 13.ii.1998.]

P80 Amend rules 328(1), 398(1), 401(3) and 458(0) by replacing the word "Speaker" with "Recorder" throughout.

[Proposed by Colin Batchelor, 17.ii.1998.]

P82 Amend 358(1) to read:
If a Proposal is adopted then:

If a Proposal is neither adopted nor withdrawn then: [Proposed by Ian Collier, 18.ii.1998.]


[Proposed by Ian Collier, 18.ii.1998.]

FT6 Amend 327(0) to read:
Any Judge selected shall be randomly selected from those Voters who are either human or who are automated but have explicit instructions on how to make Judgements, excluding the player most recently selected as Judge for that statement and the player who invoked judgement.

[Proposed by Helen Broadie, 25.ii.1998.]


[Proposed by Colin Batchelor, 25.ii.1998.]


[Proposed by Colin Batchelor, 25.ii.1998. Note that the second Item did not take effect because it amended a non-existent rule.]

P88 Modify 439(3) by inserting " and Motions of No Confidence where their tabling is part of the Speaker's duties" between "by 25" and ", the Speaker".

[Proposed by Colin Batchelor, 25.ii.1998.]

P89 Amend 313(1) to read:
If a Proposal contains an amendment of a rule, an amendment to which is currently being voted upon, the Speaker may at his or her discretion reject the Proposal or force it to be withdrawn at any time up to the the closing of the vote on the earlier amendment. The Speaker must do this if requested by the proposer of the earlier amendment.

If a Proposal is adopted which contains an amendment to a rule which does not exist at the time of adoption then the amendment in question will be ignored.

[Proposed by Ian Collier, 25.ii.1998.]

P91 Amend 472(0) such that where it reads "CV10 and 10 points" it shall instead read "CV2 and 2 points".

[Proposed by Ian Snell, 28.ii.1998.]

P96 Repeal 450(0).

[Proposed by Death, 9.iii.1998.]


[Proposed by Colin Batchelor, 10.iii.1998.]

FT10 Judgements are not binding on play.

[Proposed by Stephen Gower, 18.iii.1998.]

FT11 Amend paragraphs 2-4 of 458(2) to read:
When a judgement is appealed three new Judges are selected. All the normal rules for the selection of Judges apply, except that the Player who originally called for Judgement, the Judge whose Judgement is being appealed and the Player calling for appeal are ineligible for selection. Each Judge will send a Judgement of the original statement to the Recorder within the usual time limit. When the Recorder has received the Judgement from all three Judges the result is distributed.

If two or more Judges agree then the result of the Appeal will be their Judgement; otherwise the Recorder will also make a Judgement and the result of the Appeal will be that Judgement. In either case this result supersedes the original Judgement.

[Proposed by Ian Collier, 20.iii.1998.]


[Proposed by Gordon Aickin, 27.iv.1998.]

FT14 I call for the Overturn of PR483.

[Proposed by Ian Snell, 1.v.1998.]

P102 Amend 434 such that the final list element is removed, the word "title" in the first duty of the Rule Clerk is replaced by "unique title" and then the following paragraph is appended as a non-nested list element.

The unique title of each rule may be used by any Player as an identifying label, but should preferably be used on its own only when for some reason the Reference Number of a rule is not appropriate to the situation. In any case where both the Reference Number and the title of a rule have both been specified but apply to different rules, then the title shall be assumed to be the correct identifying label, as this is less likely to fall foul of a typographical error confusing the rule with another.

[Proposed by Ian Snell, 27.iv.1998.]

P103 Append to the last paragraph of 401 the text "Only one Judgement may be made per Call for Judgement."

[Proposed by Colin Batchelor, 27.iv.1998.]

P104 Enact new rule:
If a Call for Judgement applies to a Rule or situation which is covered by a pending Call for Judgement, the Recorder is required to consult the author of the pending Call for Judgement on whether the new Call for Judgement should be accepted.

[Proposed by Colin Batchelor, 27.iv.1998.]

P105 There shall exist a puppet called Ron. The Master of Ron is to be paid CV1 every time an election is called. Ron's instructions are as follows:

[Proposed by Colin Batchelor, 27.iv.1998.]


[Proposed by Ian Snell, 27.iv.1998.]

P112 For 315(0) replace all occurrences of "proposed rule" with "proposal", replace all occurrences of "person who proposed the rule" with "proposer", replace the occurrence of "player's" with "proposer's" and append the following sentence:
If the proposer enters Suspended Animation during this week before nominating another player, then he/she shall have the same amount of time after return from Suspended Animation to nominate another player without penalty as he/she had remaining before entering Suspended Animation.

[Proposed by Ian Snell, 4.v.1998.]

P114 Enact the following rule:
This Proposal is doomed to failure.

[Proposed by Simon Cozens, 4.v.1998.]

P116 Amend 406 by replacing "Black" with "White", removing the word "both" and then replacing "and loses 10 points" with "loses 10 points and is given 1 Black Mark".

[Proposed by Ian Snell, 7.v.1998.]

P117 Change the Reference Number of Rule 480 to 200(2).

[Proposed by Ian Snell, 11.v.1998.]

P124 Amend 328 by replacing "If a judgement is not delivered" with "If a legal Judgement is not delivered".

[Proposed by Colin Batchelor, 12.v.1998.]


[Proposed by Colin Batchelor, 12.v.1998.]

P126 Modify rule 430 by inserting at the end: "What holds here for the Speaker with respect to proposals shall also hold for the Recorder with respect to Calls for Judgement and Judgements."

[Proposed by Colin Batchelor, 12.v.1998.]

P129 Enact new rule:
No Proposal may be made which explicitly alters the score of one or more players, or specifies once-only conditions for the alteration of a score.

[Proposed by Colin Batchelor, 14.v.1998.]


[Proposed by Gordon Aickin, 15.v.1998.]

P131 Transmute 453 to immutable.

[Proposed by Gordon Aickin, 15.v.1998.]

P132 Amend 444 by changing the first sentence to:
For a Proposal to be adopted the number of votes FOR the proposal must be equal to, or greater than the minimum allowed Quota of every item in the Proposal.

[Proposed by Gordon Aickin, 15.v.1998.]

P133 Amend 445 by removing the following text:
If any changes were made to the Proposal then the proposer must make a clear announcement when the 72 hours are up.

[Proposed by Gordon Aickin, 15.v.1998.]

P134 Amend 470 to read:
An Item which is a transmutation shall be considered as an amendment for the purposes of any rule that does not specify its effect on transmutations, but does specify an effect for amendments.

[Proposed by Gordon Aickin, 15.v.1998.]

P135 Enact a new rule:
Whenever exactly three players have the same score, and two of them have the same Shade, the Shade of the third shall be changed to be the same as the other two.

[Proposed by Gordon Aickin, 15.v.1998.]

P136 Enact a new rule:
No player's Shade may change except when it is explicitly stated in the rules that it should or may.

[Proposed by Gordon Aickin, 15.v.1998.]

P138 Repeal 477 [Proposed by Death, 20.v.1998.]

P140 Repeal 356(0)

[Proposed by Death, 27.v.1998.]