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Logical Ruleset topic list

Available resources are the logical Rule list, a list of the rules in a logical order with links to the rules, the ordered Rule list, a list of the rules in numerical order with links to the Logical Ruleset or you can go straight to the full Logical Ruleset. The links below lead to sections of the logical Rule list.

[Last updated 16.v.1998]

  1. Immutable Rules
  2. Mutable Rules
    1. The Players
    2. The Rules
    3. Scores
    4. C.V. Points
    5. Black and White Marks
    6. Courtesy Titles and similar
    7. Proposing a Rule Change
    8. Objections
    9. Voting on a Proposal
    10. After a Vote
    11. Appealing a Vote
    12. Referendux
    13. Judgements
    14. Fast-Track Proposals and Probationary Rules
    15. The Speaker
    16. Offices
    17. Elections
    18. Puppets
    19. Shades
    20. Other Nomics
    21. Rules for certain times
    22. End of a Game
  3. Inapplicable Immutable Rules
  4. Inapplicable Mutable Rules


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