Proposal Number: 302.
Proponent: Devon Jacobs.
Date: Withdrawn on Tue. 2/29/00 11:57 PM.

Text of Proposal: AMENDMENT TO R204: In the first line, after the word shall, insert the word "only". In the first line, after the word speaker insert the words: "in the form of an e-mail message to em at the address:". The amended rule to read: 204. A proposal shall only be made by submitting it to the Speaker in the form of an e-mail message to em at the address: Only Voters may make proposals. As soon as possible after receiving a proposal, the Speaker shall assign the proposal a number and distribute the proposal along with its number to all players

Comments from Proponent: To alleviate the confusion brought about by the interpretation of initial instructions, and use of multiple e-mail addresses by both speakers and voters, I propose to amend R204. This amendment will standardize the proposition procedure. In addition, it will serve to insure that most submissions are from the party that they claim to be from, insomuch as the Speaker may at eis discretion check the originating e-mail address of the sender to determine authenticity.

Proposal Number: 308.
Proponent: Jennifer Henry

Date: Withdrawn on Sat. 3/11/00 6:57 PM.

Text of Proposal: The position of historian may be passed along to other players that are deemed worthy and capable by the current historian. Using the prestige points system can assess worthiness and capableness.

Comments from Proponent: None

Proposal Number: 305. Proposal Title: E WHO SMELT IT, DEALT IT.
Proponent: Matt Keppel
Defeated March 13th, 2000.

Text of Proposal: At anytime a Voter submits a proposal, it shall be assumed that said Voter will likewise vote for its acceptance. Therefore, let the submission of a proposal be automatically recorded as a vote by the submitter in favor of the proposal.

Comments from Proponent: None

Proposal Number: 311. Proposal Title: THE SPEAKER VOTES.
Proponent: Scott Morgan

Date: Defeated March 22nd, 2000.

Text of Proposal: Whereas rule 206 states that 'The Speaker may not vote', this line would be omitted and be replaced by the following: 'All Players including Voters and the Speaker may vote'

Comments from Proponent: This proposal is a bit more of a Devil's Advocate proposal as even I am not certain this is a good idea. However, I believe it worthy of being put to a vote. If we take a lesson from the US Congress, a Speaker can still vote and it does not taint the process. Basically, I want to know how people feel about this and, win or lose, I am willing to take the consequences of what the majority wants.

Proposal Number: 312. Proposal Title: THE SPEAKER VOTES.
Proponent: Lonnie Henry
Defeated March 23nd, 2000.

Text of Proposal: Whereas rule 206 states that 'The Speaker may not vote', this line would be omitted and be replaced by the following: 'The Speaker may not vote except in the case of a tie vote at the end of the voting period.'

Comments from Proponent: I feel that this would allow the speaker the flexability to handle those situations that might arise, but not force him to give his opinions and biases to the group at large. He can sit back and watch the flow of the debate. He then can decide if there is a tie vote to give his decision. This keeps him from adding to his power under normal circumstances. While I have considerable respect for the current speaker, I have misgivings about extending his power.

Proposal Number: 318. Proposal Title: NO OUTRAGEOUS BRITISH ACCENTS.
Proponent:Devon Jacobs
Date:Defeated May 3rd, 2000.

Text of Proposal: The word Nomic shall be correctly pronounced No-mík (know-mik). Not blundered with local accents or colloquialisms such as (gnaw-mik: Rochester local - refer to chili or Avon) or (know-meek: Adirondack hick), because they are silly and do not uphold the proud tradition of our Nomic.

Comments from Proponent: None.

Statistics: In favor: DJ. Opposed: SM, JH.

Proposal Number: 323. Proposal Title: SUCKS TO BE YOU!
Proponent: Chuck Henry
Defeated August 25th, 2000.

Text of Proposal:Understanding that it is very hard to join a game already in progress, let us offer new players incentive to join Our Nomic. Hence forth, when a new player is admitted the player will receive a number of points equal to the average of all the current points of all the players rounded to the nearest whole point. A current player cannot quit and rejoin to receive the point adjustment.

Comments from Proponent: Again, this is to encourage new players to join! This is the second of three player recruitment props.

Statistics: In Favor: JH. Opposed: MK, SM. Absent: LH, SC. Excused: DJ.

Proposal Number: 327.
Proponent: Chuck Henry.
Date: Defeated
December 19th, 2000

Text of Proposal: In celebration of the holiday season, every player will have opportunity to create one proposal that will not be voted following the normal rules. This proposal will be submitted to the Speaker by Midnnight Eastern Standard time, December 24th, 2000. The Speaker then acting as Jolly Saint Nick will review the proposals for game balance and spirit. Any proposal that the Speaker feels is worthy shall be adopted into law. Any law which is adopted in this manner can be revoked later by a Call For Judgement. Any player who believes that their proposals was unfairly declined may also challenge the decision by a Call For Judgement. All the suggested rules shall be posted along with the adopted ones by New Year's Day.

This rule shall only be in effect from the date of adoption through New Year's Day 2001.

Comments from Proponent: Happy Holidays everyone!

Statistics: In Favor: MK,SM. Opposed: LH,JH,DJ. Absent: JB, SC. Excused: JoH.

Proposal Number: 329.
Proponent: Chuck Henry
Defeated: January 18th, 2001

Text of Proposal: Let there be citizens of Nomicsylvania. They shall initially number 100,000 (National Population). The population shall be 50% male, 50% female. The Nomicsylvanian Citizen year is equal to one calendar month.

The birth rate shall be randomly created number between 1% and 10 %. The death rate shall be a randomly created number between 1% and 10%. The gender of the births will decided on the ratio of 1 male born for every 1 female born. The gender of the deaths will decided on the ratio of 2 males dead for every 1 female.

These rates shall be generated and applied to the National Population by the Speaker on the first day each month. The Historian at the direction of the Speaker shall post the current population and related statistics in a public forum.

This rule governs the creation of the citizens and population only. Other rules may be developed that elaborate on the lives of the citizenry.

Comments: I created the people… now you figure out what to do with them. Be creative!

Statistics:In favor: DJ, JH. Opposed: Joh, MK. Absent: JB, LH, SM, SC. Excused: KM.

Proposal Number: 330.
Proponent: Devon Jacobs
Defeated: January 21st, 2001

Text of Proposal: Upon opening Our Nomic to the outside world, we have invited a broad spectrum of society into our midst. No longer can we live comfortably in our own little planet of peers. We must conduct ourselves in a way that we can continue to make this a lively, fun and exciting game, yet still assure that all players involved are comfortable in our universe. Already, we have at least one minor in our ranks, and while the folks playing now are conscious of this fact and restrain themselves accordingly, future players cannot be counted upon to do the same, as they will be unknown to us.

Therefore I make the following proposal:

In the universe of the this game, all media accessible to the public, including all documentation, and official communication between speaker and voters, and or between voters be governed by the following TV parental guidelines.

TVMA Mature Audience Only.This program is specifically designed to be viewed by adults and therefore may be unsuitable for children under 17. This program contains one or more of the following: graphic violence (V), explicit sexual activity (S), or crude indecent language (L).

For more info, please see

This is the same rating which the popular Comedy Central TV show South Park falls under, it allows for being silly, stupid and mildly offensive, without causing parents to have brain aneurisms and start rioting. As in the TV standard the Famous Carlin 7 Dirty Words will not be used. As in most governing systems, ignorance of the law is no excuse. That being the case, you may find those 7 words at the following site: Our Nomic, it's players, or creators are in no way affiliated with this site, nor do we control or condone it's content. For the FCC ruling and other information on the banning of these words from television please visit

Penalties will be applied to any player, including the speaker for breaching this rule, as follows:

1st violation, 2 week suspension from all game activity, and loss of 10 Prestige Points and 10 Score Points, player must make public apology

2nd violation 6 week suspension from all game activity, and loss of 30 Prestige Points, and 30 Score Points. player must make public apology.

3rd violation indefinite suspension from all game activity, loss of all Prestige Points, and all Score Points, player may only rejoin the game if petitioned for by a legally submitted proposition by another player (including the speaker), and must be voted back in by a minimum ľ majority vote, INCLUDING THE SPEAKER. This special case supercedes rule 206. (Each Voter has exactly one vote. The Speaker may not vote.)

*In the case that a player has been allowed to rejoin the game and once again violates this rule, e will be forever banned from this or any other future generation of Our Nomic.

Comments from Proponent: None.

Statistics:In favor: DJ, JoH. Opposed: JH,SM. Absent: MK, JB, LH, SC. Excused: KM.

Proposal Number: 335.
Proposal Title:
Proponent: Matt Keppel
Voting Period: February 11th, 2001

Text Of Proposal:

Let all further props
Be submitted in Haiku
five-seven-five form

Multiple Haiku
may be used for longer props
creative force rules

Proponent beware!
If Haiku is in bad form
subject to browbeat

Comments From Proponent: Yes, I was bored. I actually based this from a game of Cosmic Encounters whereas all players had to speak in rhyme. Should at least keep people on their toes.

Statistics: In favor: MK. Opposed: DJ, JH, JoH LH,SM. Absent: SC, SO. Excused: JB, KM.

Proposal Number: 336.
Proponent: Matt Keppel
Voting Period: February 11th, 2001

Text Of Proposal:GOD BLESS CARTOON NETWORK When voting on a proposal, players may vote in favor of it by voting "Zoinks!" and against it by voting "Jinkees!" Although not required to replace the traditional Yea/Nay style of voting with Zoinks!/Jinkees!, it is highly encouraged.

Comments From Proponent: I repeat, I was bored.

Statistics: In favor: DJ, MK,SM. Opposed: JH, JoH, LH. Absent: SC, SO. Excused: JB, KM.

Proposal Number: 339.
Proponent: Adam N.

Voting Period: May 12, 2001.

Text of Proposal: And So It Begins: Battleboard An entity is now being defined as 'THE BOARD.' THE BOARD is a path, with an initial length equal to five times the number of players. If all spaces on The Board are defined, IGNORE this passage contained in stars: *Each player, in turn, decides what symbol is next on the Board: a +, a -, an =, or a ?. Players will be told that: Landing on a + gives you two game points and allies you with team one; landing on a - costs you two points and you are allied with team two; an = does nothing to your score, and your alliance is determined at random; a ? can do any of the three, at random, with equal odds.* If there are Minigames defined in every set (see below), each player is placed at the beginning of The Board, and rolls a die with a value of 1-5. This player moves that number of spaces, and the event occurs such that landing on a + gives you two game points and allies you with team one; landing on a - costs you two points and you are allied with team two; an = does nothing to your score, and your alliance is determined at random; a ? can do any of the three, at random, with equal odds. All players are moved at the same time. (If choices become available in the move, then this may change. Currently, however, movement is random, so it makes no difference.) After players are moved and teams are formed, a Minigame is played. A Minigame is a rule with a value ranging from 700-1000; rules within the Minigame Range are ignored until called upon as a Minigame. When a Minigame is needed, then a possible Minigame is randomly selected from all applicable Minigames. This Minigame is played. If only one team has members in it, the Minigame is from 801-900; otherwise, it's 700-800. 901-1000 is for times when the game is One vs. The World. Minigames submitted are IMMUNE to the "Support Your Local Lobbyist" rule, but they must be voted on. The Speaker will file them into the correct category. ALL Minigames must alter board positions and/or point values. After the minigame, all players roll again; usually the 1-5 die, but minigames may adjust this. After any player reaches the end of The Board, e wins 10 points and a new Board is formed as per the directions in stars, above.

Statistics: In Favor: AN, MR. Opposed: CH, FA, JE, JH, LH, SM. Abstain: JoH, JB, MK, SO. Excused: AH, BL, CAH, JC, JR.

Proposal Number: 342.
Proponent: Devon Jacobs.

Voting Period: May 20, 2001.

Title: Beginner's Luck

Text of Proposal: This rule amends rule 321 UNDER THE HEADING DEFINITIONS,ADD: NEW PLAYER STATUS: Means that the player has just joined the game, and has not participated by voting in any of the last 5 consecutive proposal votes or has not participated in a call for judgment in the last calendar month. This player does not count towards quorum under the definition under rule 201. When a player has New Player Status, no penalties shall be applied to that player due to missed votes or missed calls for judgment. New Player status automatically changes to Active Player when the player votes for or against a proposal for the first time, makes a call for judgement, or after 5 consecutive votes in which e holds New Player Status, whichever comes first. A player may only hold New Player Status ONCE in Our Nomic. If the player leaves the game or changes status as described below for any reason, and that player returns to the game, eis status will immediately become ACTIVE PLAYER.

Comments: As a whole we generally allow new players 'immunity' until their first vote as a courtesy... however, in looking over the records, there are a few lurkers who haven't voted since they joined the game, some for several months.

Statistics: In Favor: LH, SM. Opposed: FA, MR. Abstain: AN, BL, CAH, CH, JE, JH, JoH, JB, MK, SO. Excused: AH, JC, JR.

This information required under rule 320 "PUBLIC INFORMATION ACT" of the current ruleset.






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