JillSorens on 2 May 2002 23:21:42 -0000

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Re: [nbo] Vote and Proposal from Jillian; Judgment

Okay yeah I agree with Mr. Marsh here....what's with all the judicial rulings?  Are you just trying to rack up points here Mr. Ogas and Mr. Dickens? Hmm hmm??? It's a conspiracy I tell you! :)  

And...and....okay so yeah, you don't like me submitting a bunch of rules at once even though it's so much more efficient...but I'll resubmit later that's cool...but...but...no voting on Sorenson.1?  What's up with that? I know, you are all in deep pondering thought over it yes...that must be it.

And...and...are we the only three people playing this game?

Silly Jilly

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