Tom Ogas on 15 May 2002 21:02:01 -0000

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[nbd] RE: [nbo] Proposal Marsh.3

I would have also liked to vote for it last minute and get a point, but I've been
in court the past two days and somewhat absent from email given that my computer
is in five pieces in my office.

Anyhow, congrats Dan.  You get the law passed and the points.

Oh, btw, about my proposed amendment to the ReElect law -- it retains all of the
original tie breakers from the Elect law, it just adds a few exceptions due to
different circumstances regarding reelections.  Please read it again and someone
vote for it.  I think it's a good change.  No tricks up my sleave.


p.s.  I'd also vote for Jillian, but I gotta vote for myself by law.  If there's
a tie between me and Jills, I'll give her the Secretary Job.

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