Tom Ogas on 7 May 2002 20:11:27 -0000

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[nbd] Secretary

I agree with Dan about the JR, btw.  Hope everyone learns from my mistake. 
Luckily, the flaws were minor and changeable, but in the future it's likely that
goofed-up proposals will just be rejected.

Sounds like Jillian wants to be the secretary, and she'd be a good choice.  The
proposal already has 3 votes, but we need to give Dickens time to vote so he can
get a point too.

Tom's New-Computer-In-Pieces count is now at 2 days.  When I get back from court
this afternoon, I'm calling the computer guys to find out what's up.  If the
New-Computer-In-Pieces count rises to 3 days, someone gets yelled at.

Let's see if Dave will actually propose a law.  Surprise us, Dave.  Give us
something worth talking about.


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