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Re: !!!Problem in Proposal 17!!!

by anti-polar at 18/09/05 5:58 AM

Currently there is no way to take damage and there is a way to heal so I think someone can solve this "problem" by the time it comes close to being a issue

Also I love your proposal. I am going to use that as a way to bring Magic the gathering D@D (see no copie right infringment :p) and world of warcraft into this. Hum mabe worcraft 1 summons. which did you like more water elementals or demons? I was lazy and ranged was just that levels of more convenient at the time. less point and click more send and kill all. by the way deal with my spiders they are coming for you all. for anyone who doesnt know the companie blizzards products this rant was waisted on you and I realy think you should have realized that befor this point.