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Re: If you have questions on a rule

by The Founder at 15/09/05 4:19 PM

I'm not trying to be mean, or pick a fight, or attack you in any way. If I come across as hostile, that's because I feel very strongly about people wasting my time by not putting effort into their posts/messages/proposals/etc. by not doing the rest of us the simple courtesy of checking spelling/grammar. I'm not asking for perfect punctuation, grammar, etc. but I do ask for a certain level of legibility if you want me to spend time reading your compositions.

No hard feelings I hope, but I wanted to state my views and (hopefully) make this a better place for everyone. I know I'd have a really hard time if nobody cared for spelling and such, I'm sure everyone else would too. Plus, it makes it harder to understand the proposals if we can't read them. If I'm having a hard time understanding the game, chances are I'm not going to enjoy it. I think everyone should have fun playing the game.

So go have fun dang it!!!