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Re: If you have questions on a rule

by anti-polar at 14/09/05 5:54 AM

Ok so I am sensing a little hostility in your post.
Now I did not intend to pick a fight. Nor did I
intend to offend anyone. I am aggressive in the
presentation of my opinions. I do not wish to get
into a battle of grammar and spelling with you or
anyone else for that matter. I do however have a strong
need to defend myself here against these accusations.
I didn't mean to make fun of you grammar in your
proposal 3. I was in fact only making reference to
your wording for the purposes of defending my point.
Now if that is the problem you have with me I
apologies for causing the feeling of being picked
on. If I am missing some other major aspect of your
problem with me please let me know.

If anyone wanted to pick apart my writing I have been using the word "I" allot and there can definitely be a heavy argument made that this is a sign of a weak mastery of the English language. There is also an absence of eloquence in my post. Further more one could look at this post and say that the writer is young and naive. Cases to defend this point of view are statements like "I am aggressive in the presentation of my opinions". The fact is that this line was put forth as a point suggests that the writer does not have the literary capacity to get their point across. So I had resorted to stating my perspective in the hopes the reader might be able to come to terms with the perspective on there own.

Now bla bla bla who really wants to stand there behind
so many "masks" so that they never get hurt and never
have to put themselves on the line. I personally prefer
to just be open and nice to people. I will not hold a
grudge long cause it is really not worth harming myself
for no useful end. So anyway I hope this clears things