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Re: posible web improvments

by The Founder at 15/09/05 4:07 PM

I'd like to table a few more improvements.

First, have a sent box for mailbox messages. I think it'd be nice to have a record of what we've sent, in case we get a reply where the original message has been deleted (and also in the event of no reply, we know how long it's been). I know we could just remember things on our own, but if the server can handle it, and it's not too much work for you, then it's probably easier in the future.

Second, a small personal preference. On the message boards, if you make a post, it marks your post as unread. But since you just posted it, you know what you just wrote (sounds somewhat contradictory to my earlier point, I know). If it's not too hard to track, could we get it to automatically mark messages we post as read?