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Re: posible web improvments

by The Founder at 11/09/05 5:13 AM

I think the problem with auto-forwarding is that a number of servers might see the messages as spam and delete them as such.

On the topic of trying to check if a user is online, pinging a user (or other such ideas) would probably slow down the website. Right now, the website runs very fast (kudos to Jeff for getting it going so well), but I could see speed becoming a factor in a few weeks/months, when players have a number of choices they could make and a number of properties to be displayed at once.

I like the idea of adding the time left on a proposal (and until your next turn). Right now, you have to calculate it manually. While that isn't exactly nuclear physics, it's a simple calculation that (I think) the server should be able to handle easily and with no difficulty. Although right now, if you log in every three days, you can always make a move (assuming it's slightly after the previous login's time of day), check new proposals (and never miss one), and make a new proposal every other login (only losing one day in between).