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Re: problem with proposal 3

by The Founder at 11/09/05 4:52 AM

First, I don't see why you continued to argue the point once the admin made his call. Since his word is law in this game, what he says goes. His interpretations are final, and I've rarely seen him make a call that I've (or the majority of players have) disagreed with, because he can usually figure out the intention of the rule, if the wording is ambiguous (if it isn't, interpretation becomes moot). If you don't like it, you can go play another game.

Second, examples are used to clarify situations in proposals, just as parenthetical statements are often used. They are there to ensure that interpretation isn't necessary, because anyone reading the proposal who is capable of understanding what is written (given that the example is clear and properly composed regarding grammar, spelling, etc.) should understand what the rule is doing. Since the example is included in the proposal, it is a part of the proposal, and would be incorporated into the rule if it passed. This avoids unnecessary interpretation on the admin's part, which is something that should be avoided.