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Re: problem with proposal 3

by anti-polar at 09/09/05 2:15 PM

I believe that the example is not a good place to base ones arguments cause in general a example covers a single case so as to help people understand. Now the example in this case is the

For example, a player who chooses to pay $100 in this manner may choose, for that turn and that turn only, to have one of the die roll a 5 (assuming 5 is a legitimate roll for that die). The other die (or dice) are then rolled as normal, as if the die which was chosen were rolled naturally.

section of the proposal because this section defines what happens in a listed case.
The rule does however say I can "choose the result of one die rolled on that turn" now this lets me take the action on that turn whell currently we dont have anything going on in our turn just rolling. now this rule lets us dp an action durring our turn and it does not say befor we roll so i choose to do the action on my turn after my rolls