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Re: Good Game

by The Founder at 07/10/05 8:03 PM

I think the second and third ones have a good basis. The first isn't really an issue, given that winning has taken on this order of time to occur anyway. The fourth one I feel is unnecessary, given 2 & 3, as those two would serve to limit the major loopholes, so we could leave it out (still allowing for other interesting situtations). The fifth I think is no good though, as there would be no way to win if it were implemented, unless multiple people tried to win at the same time. (You reverse my action, I reverse your reversal, someone else reverses my action again and I can't win anymore since I've used my reversal. You'd need enough people winning to exhaust everyone else's reversals in order to actually win yourself.) Alternatively, you reverse my action and I just go and do the same action again, rendering your reversal ineffective, thereby defeating the whole purpose of reversals in the first place.

But as I said, 2 & 3 are pretty good, and as metarules would probably serve to eliminate most (if not all) unforseen loopholes.