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Re: Good Game

by Le Roc at 07/10/05 2:01 PM

If anyone is still reading the forums...

I was thinking about trying to write a boundary case rule or something like that but never got around to it. Here's what I've come up with:

No player may win the game for a period of 5 weeks after the commencement of the game. (maybe longer?)

Whenever a rule allows or requires a player to select a number that player may select only integer numbers greater then or equal to 0 (0, 1, 2, 3...). A rule may allow other numbers to be selected but the rule must specifically outline which numbers may be selected in that case. (This should deal to some degree with negative number issues... though really Nomopoly 1 wouldn't have been "saved" by this rule as I understand it, Nomopoly 2/3 would though I believe)

A single player may only perform an action allowed by a given rule at most 10 times per day. (I believe this also covers any case where a rule allows you to do something and make a statement. So an action with the phrase "Nomopoly rules" would be equivalent to an action with the phrase "Nomopoly is cool" doing so would be 2 of the 10 uses of the rule per day) A rule may be exempt from this control but it must specifically state that it is. (I think this then saves Nomopoly 1)

A single player may only gain at most $1000 from a single action. (this might be a little strong but it could very well serve as a final catch all for many holes, effectively with the third point and this one that means at most from a single broken rule a player may only gain $10 000/day assuming they didn't override one of the items but then people should have more warning that they are trying to break things)

Finally, each player may take a special "Reverse Action" action once per week. When they use this action they may select any one public action that a player has taken during the last 24 hours. This action is then reversed and the state of the game corrects itself so that it is as though that action never happened. Any actions or effects that either would not have happened or which then become illegal to have performed are then also reversed. Note if you don't like someone reversing something you did, you could always reverse the reversing. (God so help Jeff if this one ever gets passed though...)

Anyways peoples thoughts?