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Re: Proposal 43

by The Founder at 04/10/05 12:45 AM

I'd like an official ruling from Jeff as to whether that is how he would implement it, since it is not specified in the actual proposal.

And what do you mean, the change means a player won't lose Karma for summoning Akuma/Tenshi? Under the old system, if your proposal passes (ignoring the last line), the only cause for Karma change comes from the second last line. The very last line of your proposal only makes the cookie cost of summoning reflect over the light/dark axis (so that which cost dark cookies now costs light cookies and vice versa). And as Le Roc stated, it doesn't make any sense to have summoning the patron of all things light force you to lose Karma (not that things in this game need to make sense, but if the Karma change were inverted it would make more sense).