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Re: Proposal 43

by Le Roc at 04/10/05 12:26 AM

I'm not in favor of the change for the summoning either. The original concept for the action was that you take a whole bunch (10 in fact) dark or light cookies and burn them in a ritual. This is such a light or dark action that you get the attention of Tenshi or Akuma and they come to pay you a visit. That said this change does little to actually alter the mechanics of the game. I understand the idea though of not losing karma in the process of summoning. However, if you think about it if you go and make evil dark cookies for the purpose of summoning Tenshi maybe you should lose some karma for "subverting" the system. If on the other hand you use a bork to collect dark cookies then you wouldn't lose the karma and since you are then effectively removing the dark cookies others made from the game you wouldn't lose any karma in the process.

The bigger issue comes in:
When a player summons Akuma or Tenshi, e [he?] gains or loses 10 Karma respectively.

Unless I'm mistaken this means you will gain 10 karma for summoning Akuma and lose 10 karma for summoning Tenshi. I would expect that bringing the patron of all things light to the middle board. Would generally be considered a good action and therefore it should increase your Karma. Similarly for Akuma summoning Akuma would I think be a dark action and make you lose karma.
Just thought I'd help to avoid potential "bugs"...

Finally, if you end up deciding to retract and repost the proposal you might also add karma loss and gain for disabling someone and un-disabling someone. Especially for un-disabling.