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Re: Proposal #28

by The Founder at 28/09/05 9:03 PM

I'll address these in reverse order:

2. It's not paradoxical, since the rules change would not take effect until the spell were cast. At that time the spell would be removed from the game as per the relevant clause.

1. This doesn't need to be a normal proposal, you'd just prefer that it were. I however, prefer that the loophole (that I admittedly created accidentaly), as well as other issues, be fixed ASAP. That means proposing it as a spell, as ironic as that may be.

As for your second point, loopholes can be, and often are, abused. In fact, all previous Nomic-based games that Jeff has run were won through the abuse of loopholes. And regarding your claim that "any such proposal will be shot down," you seem to be forgetting that proposals do not necessarily get shot down.