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Re: Proposal #28

by The Founder at 27/09/05 4:51 PM

You're free to vote for it or not, it's your choice. The same goes for everyone else. I did not forget that proposals don't always pass, but I'm aware that they can pass (and with the added incentive to vote yes on them, something I opposed, they are more likely to pass even if they have potential conflicts).

However, I'm also fully aware that every previous Nomic-based game that Jeff has run was won by some player exploiting a loophole, even though all players are (supposedly) trying to stop other players from doing that so they can win themselves. This proposal is an attempt to clean up the rules on spells (not just close the one loophole), so that future abuse is considerably more difficult, if not impossible.

If you want to leave as many rule issues untended as you can, that's your perogative. But my goal is to win this Nomopoly without exploiting a large loophole. That isn't to say that I won't if one arises, but it does mean that I'm going to try to prevent them whenever I can.