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Re: Question about proposing spells for Jeff

by The Founder at 24/09/05 9:45 PM

I was doing some more thinking about this. I'm not so sure that the way the rules are currently worded, spell proposals should be considered rule proposals for determining voting periods. Otherwise, if I include both a new spell and some other rule modification, my proposal should have both a 3 and 5 day voting period.

Unless of course spells are determined to fall under the "everything else" category of proposals, in which case there's no problem there, and no spell proposal should ever be considered to have a 3 day voting period.

Of course, Jeff has to carefully police all spell proposals to make sure that they are in fact spell proposals, and not mis-identified rule proposals.

Gah! So confusing. Need more explanation of implementation from admin! (Pretty sad that I'm the one who proposed this and I'm the one having such problems figuring out the implementation procedure.)

P.S.: Jeff, please feel free to call me to explain this too when you answer the post. I'm starting to regret leaving so much future design space in the original proposal.