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Question about proposing spells for Jeff

by The Founder at 24/09/05 9:27 PM

I want to make sure this is a rules interpretation that you made, and not a bug in the server. I tried proposing a new spell, but it would not let me (saying that I have a proposal in voting status). This indicates that rule and spell proposals are being treated as the same thing under rule VIII.1. I had been intending for spells to be treated as a seperate type of proposal, so that each player could (in theory) have both a spell and rule proposal simultaneously.

I'm curious as to whether you've interpreted spell proposals the same way that I did (following the same guidelines as rule proposals, but not counting as the same thing), or the way I stated above (that rule and spell proposals are the same thing, except concerning voting periods). Please let me know before I spend a rule proposal to fix this, only to have it turn out to be a bug in the server.