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Re(3): Thanks
Posted on March 16, 2005 at 00:26:57 AM by Jeff

Cool. I just might steal one of those ideas :-)

As for choosing a game, it should be one that:
a) works well in an online setting
b) allows multiple players to take turns simultaneously
c) doesn't necessarily require immediate "real time" response from any players or the Admin
d) can easily add or remove players during the game
e) won't drive me completely insane running it.

Here are some of the ideas that myself and others have come up with:

Nomic Clue: Basically like the board game Clue, there is a murder and the goal is to solve it. Would be a nice interactive game.

Nomic Risk II: Another version of the first Nomic Risk that I ran (http://q17.cjb.net/nomicrisk"). The main problem we had was the immediate response required by me during a player's turn (ie. player would request attack once here, email results, attack once here, email results, etc 6 zillion times). Mainly because turns were taken one at a time, since I really couldn't think of a way to do simultaneous turns in a Risk-like game

Parallel Universe or "Mao-opoly": Read over the Parallel Universe rule from Nomopoly I. The Parallel Universe was way too complicated as a subgame of Nomopoly, but on its own it would actually be a really neat game. The idea was that players could make rules and the Admin would judge them (like Imperial Nomic), but the other players wouldn't be told what the rule is and would have to figure the rules out by trial and error of actions (like Mao). A cool idea, as long as I'm allowed to have a nervous breakdown halfway through the game.

Cards Gone Insane: Read the entry in the Nomic Wiki at nomic.net. Basically, there is a deck of blank cards, on your turn you draw a card and play a card. If the card has something on it, follow the instructions. If the card is a blank, write something on it and shuffle it back into the deck. Would probably work quite well in an online setting, as players could draw their own cards and have them posted on the website.

CivNomic: Civilization Nomic game. For those of you who've played any of the Civilization computer games, you'll get the idea. A map is generated and each player starts with one settler somewhere on the map, and may create a city. The rest is up to the players. This is my favorite one, but I can't see any way I could currently run this one without going completely insane. Perhaps in the future I will have enough money to get a persistent internet connection and a web server, at which point CivNomic will probably happen.

Any other ideas?

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