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Re(8): Thanks
Posted on March 17, 2005 at 01:25:35 AM by Jeff

For CivNomic I was thinking of an idea similar to what I did for Nomopoly or Nomic Risk - a game which has a very minimal set of rules with a push in the direction of Civilization.

CivNomic would have a map and each player would start with one settler on a random square on the map. The settler would be a basic unit that could move one space per turn, or found a city. The basic rules of units, cities, and buildings would exist (although there wouldn't be many in the base rules) to encourage players to add more of them. Other than that, everything else would be up to future rule proposals.

There are currently 3 ways that I can think of making this game work:

Personally I definitely like option 3 best, although I can't do this right now. Maybe in the future sometime?

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