Rule 315

Proposed by: Andrew

Approval date: Wed Mar 6 19:08:23 UTC 1996

For the purposes of voting, the symbol :-) shall be equivalent to "FOR"; the symbol :-( shall be equivalent to "AGAINST". For Judgement, <:-] shall be equivalent to "TRUE", <:-[ shall be equivalent to "FALSE", while <|-? shall be equivalent to "UNDECIDED".

[Comment:] Nothing compels any player to use the symbols above. All it says is that these are legal sybols for the voting reactions. It allows a player with a sense of humour to be creative; at least these symbols are mnemonic. I considered things like %#$@. No, I don't take any funny chemicals while playing newt.

Voting Record

Andrew - FOR (no well-defined way to specify a vote. This should clear things up and be fun and easy for those of us who are lazy.)
Carolyn - AGAINST
Tim - FOR

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