Rule 313

Proposed by: Tim

Approval date: Wed Mar 6 19:05:06 UTC 1996

Any proposition shall have its specified voting period contained within the submission for that proposal; this will be the amount of time following the point of transmission in which voters may transmit votes. This voting period shall not be less than *5 Nomic Days* from time of transmission. In the event that this voting period is left out of the submission, or the time specified is an illegal amount of time, the voting period shall be one Nomic week from time of transmission. In addition, rule 205 shall be repealed.

[Speaker's comment: Well, I am against this - it will make it more difficult to remember which proposals come off the queue. But it doesn't seem to matter]


Invalid Voting Periods default to Beginning of Nomic week.

Voting Record

Carolyn - FOR
Tim - FOR

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