JCW ([info]9thmoon) wrote in [info]nomic,
@ 2001-08-20 21:08:00
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a concern over this proposition
While I agree with the spirit of the proposition, I've also heard each and every one of you lament about how long this game is taking to get off the ground. I'm afraid if we have to vote in order, it'll take even longer. Anything (informal) we can do to rectify this, or am I the only one who wishes we'd speed things up?

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2001-08-20 21:30 (link)
I never said nuttin, yo :P
faster would be nice, but it's ok. nothing saying a rule can't make it faster :P

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2001-08-20 22:33 (link)
As I mentioned in a comment earlier, I should have made my first rule suggestion a time limit on voting. Then people could still do that eBay thing of lurking until the last moment to vote, but things would still move along.

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2001-08-21 20:24 (link)
Stop the 404's, that'll speed *me* up.

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2001-08-22 19:00 (link)
And, Cyrano is correct. This rule closes a gap. A rule to speed the game would come in the future.

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2001-08-27 12:27 (link)

I too fear that this rule change would create an unacceptable further slowdown, and I don't think I could be persuaded to vote for it without some kind of rider that would counteract that. (I have some ideas on this, and I can share them with you in private.)

By the way, what are the 404's you were talking about? I'd like to fix them, if they were links I made.

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