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@ 2001-08-17 19:13:00
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Rule Change 303, for debate
It seems to me that there is somewhat of a problem with rules 203 and 204. Though this is not open to abuse yet, it will be, and I propose to close that avenue.

I shall explain it thus:

203. A rule-change is adopted if and only if the vote is unanimous among the eligible voters. If this rule is not amended by the end of the second complete circuit of turns, it automatically changes to require only a simple majority.

204. If and when rule-changes can be adopted without unanimity, the players who vote against winning proposals shall receive 10 points each.

After the second complete circuit of turns, really, a person could plan a scoring strategy simply by voting last.

My proposed rule change shall be:

Players shall vote in the same order in which they take their turns, starting with the player who will take the next turn.

This will allow players to be the tie breaker on their own rules, which I don't have a problem with, and will also give everybody an equal number of opportunities to vote last. Of course, this rule change is up for debate... so if anybody wishes amendments before the vote is taken, I'm welcoming suggestions.

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2001-08-17 20:31 (link)
sounds good to me- i'm in it for the craftiness and deception joy, not points :)

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2001-08-18 16:31 (link)

And you know, that's a perfectly valid way to win...!

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2001-08-18 16:45 (link)

I have a question. Is this a new rule or an amendment to an existing rule?

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2001-08-18 18:44 (link)
I do believe that it is a new rule.

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