Larry "America's Most Ineligible Bachelor" Gilbert ([info]l2g) wrote in [info]nomic,
@ 2003-01-14 17:35:00
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So I said the other day that I'd be making another post, and then I neglected to do it. Oops.

Well, have a look at the rules page. I've made some changes, but these are just proposed changes; I've tried to make it clear what I want to take out and what to add.

Most of the changes are the same as last time, but there is an important new one, the rule defining eligible voters (105). I've removed the requirement that eligible voters cast votes on rule changes (my thinking being that no vote is as good as a "no" vote). I've also added a requirement that voters cast votes within a week after the call of the vote, or they forfeit voting on that issue. I think this will head off problems with people holding up the game indefinitely.

If you have any comments, please reply here. Please also feel free to make your own proposals for pre-game changes if you can think of any other onerous loopholes.

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