Imperial Nomic 31

Welcome to Imperial Nomic 31. If you are unfamiliar with the Imperial Nomic concept, check out Duncan Richer's World Imperial Nomic page or the introduction page from a previous IN game I ran, Imperial Nomic 28.

For those of you who have played in my games before are accustomed to a few day turnaround between submitted proposals and decisions on those proposals. That shouldn't be the case any longer. Turn around should be within the day or sooner.

Well thats it. So what are you waiting for? Submit a proposal!

- Joel Ricker

Ode to Imperial Emporer Joel Ricker
(as per rule #4)

For every song, there must be a singer
For every singer, there must be a voice
For every voice, there must be a soundwave
For every soundwave, there must be a Nomic
So all hail the glorious sunrise,
All hail the imperial emperor,
All hail Joel Ricker, thing of many words

2: Oh our magnanimous and benevolent emperor,
is ever kind and generous to Nomic newbies,
while like a great, strong stalk of golden, yellow corn,
he surveys the field
nodding when it pleases him.
All hail, all hail!
3: The glorious music echos through out the land,
Praises to him who must be named.
4: His proclamations like drumbeats on high,
are the thunder which makes our world turn.
5: Once, our great leader,
did decide to partake
in a plethora of yellow-green
and shiny marinated artichoke hearts.
Oh weaker men with weaker stomachs would have crumbled,
and beat a hasty path to their thrown room,
but not our great TIE,
his is a stomach of steel!
6: All hail! All hail!
Few have virtue,
Few have wisdom,
Few have the rhythm of the purple beet!
All hail Joe Java!


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