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The IE from IN#28 wanted to join the game today. I guess he didn't read the rules first because he didn't submit a proposal along with his entrance request. Today being the first day that people can earn PotBs you will find that the PotB count has been adjusted accordingly. Feel free to count it up and double check I got it right.

The IE has introduced "sidebarring" a law (see proposal #9). This seems pretty pointless to the HS, he could have just accepted the law and make a Proclamation that he'd like more info. This way there's pending laws and things.

Quick survay, should Soundwave get 2 PotB for proposal #5?

...so pyramid scams are illegal? Well there goes THAT idea. No no, don't worry I turned the speak 'n' spell program off. Yeah yeah, I corrected the count for the number of proposals. Did you see? I get to propose now! And best of all, there's no one to edit me! The POWER! Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha HA ha ha ah he he haw... Oh yeah...

Hello to our new player Duncan, aka Slakko.

The HS would like to say that he is not, nor has he ever been a member of the comunist party. That dosen't stop him from requesting that someone propose the HS be allowed to make proposals (insane cackle of glee). There are now two new rules, so read them carefully. I'd like to mention at this point the very interesting loophole of rule #10 and that is that any one of the three objectives can be achieved without the other two.

Lastly, could somebody give me some feedback, especially concerning that "other" page? It's the only part that dosen't really meld yet and its depressing the hell out of the HS.

Does anyone think I should reorganize the rules so that they're grouped by subject matter? I'm just worried that this will confuse issues of precedence (which law comes first).

Busy busy day here at IN30. I'd like to start by saying a word to our new player Yaj, so here goes: 'word'. Right, we have our first three proposals now and our VERY FIRST TECHINCALITY! Yes that's right, Tritium sent two proposals before the first one was judged by the IE, so according to the rules the first proposal gets tossed out. Dangnabit, it was a good one too.

Now it's even easier to play! Imperial Nomic has a new contact email, nomic@bigfoot.com. Please make sure to put "nomic" in the subject line. This email will be used for everything relating to the game.

Spin doctors for the Humble Scibe say that, while the Imperious Emperor has not yet been called by Keneth Starr to testify before the senate, he would like to welcome Adam and David to the game. Best of luck to you both.

Imperial Nomic Game started today! Stark is The Imperial Nomic and Aggravated is the kniving vizier who plans to overthrow Stark and Jasmine and that stupid Genie that sounds like Robin Williams - I mean, Aggravated is the Humble, Humble Scribe.

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