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1   The Game of Imperial Nomic shall always include at least two not necessarily distinct players who are office-holders:
The Imperial Emperor / Empress (IE), whos job it is to rule on all proposals.
The Humble Scribe (HS), whos job it is to record all proposals, rules, etc.
The initial holder of the post of IE is Stark.
The initial holder of the post of HS is Aggravated.

2   Players make Proposals to change the laws of the game. A Proposal is submitted by electronic mail to the HS. Players enter the game upon reception of their first submission.

3   The IE will judge each proposal submitted and accept, reject or ignore it.
To ignore a proposal, the condition by which it is ignored must be explicit elsewhere in the rule set.
The IE may, at any time, modify or remove any existing rule or enact new rules by issuing a Proclamation.
In addition, he/she may, at any time, issue a Directive calling for proposals in a certain area.
The HS may rewrite a proposal for clarification, as long as the rewriting does not alter the meaning.
The HS must publish the current set of rules, list of proposals and scores of all players via the World Wide Web.

4   If a player has submitted a proposal and then submits a new proposal before a ruling is made on the first, the new proposal will replace the older proposal.

5   Any player may, at any time, submit a Point of Order to raise any issue relevant to the game.

6   Each submission will be numbered and, if approved by the IE, will apply instantly to all submissions numbered greater than the accepted proposal unless it specifies otherwise. When several rules apply at the same time, precedence as specified explicitly by the rules is applied first. Where there is no explicit or conflicting explicit precedence, the rules are applied from lowest to highest as far as possible without conflict.

7   The game ends when one player achieves the title of The Exalted Winner (EW). The method by which a player achieves this title is determined by the rule set.

8   Failure to follow any or all of the preset rules will result in immediate punishment as determined by the rule set.

9   The currency of Imperial Nomic game #30 is minted in Pats on the Back, also known as Pats, PotB, P or Quid. A Pat is a small chromium figurine, about an inch long, of a genial Irishman lying on his back with his limbs in the air. Upon joining the game of IN30, players have zero (0) Pats on the Back. The Humble scribe will keep track of the amount of Pats on the Back each player has. Original proposal #2

10   A player who Saves the Empire, Wins the Heart of the Beautiful Princess and Takes Her Hand in Marriage shall be declared The Exalted Winner. Original proposal #3

11   A player earns two (2) PotBs for having a proposal accepted. A player is fined one (1) PotB for wasting the IE's time. A player's PotB count does not change if one of their proposals is ignored. Pats may also be earned by players who do 'grunt work' for the IE. In this case their PotB earnings must be declared to avoid miscount. Original proposal #5

12   Players must title their proposals. Otherwise the IE may choose to name the unnamed proposal, ignore it or even reject it. Should the IE accept the unnamed proposal, the player that proposed it will receive zero (0) PotBs. Original proposal #6

13   Players may acheive any of the three main goals without accomplishing the other two. Saving the Empire involves curbing the all to powerfull barbarian army of Maryaj The Raepists, a dreaded and horrible creature with a million eyes and a thousand tentacles, who feeds on the blood of virgins as aperatif and leaves naught but poisoned earth in its wake. It is said that Maryaj is the bastard child of satan himself and an industrial size blender, its armies are those soldiers who died without honor and that to glance insomuch at its shadow is enough to drive lesser gods insane. Original proposal #7

14   In order to take the hand of the Beutiful Princess (BP), one must pay the IE a handsome dowery of twenty PotB, at which time the IE is, of course, free to either accept the proposal and announce the wedding via the world wide web, or decline to give up his daughter. If the IE does not accept the proposal, the dowery is returned to the suitor, but a fee of five PotB is subtracted for waisting the IE's valuable time. Original proposal #9

15   Winning the Heart of the Beautiful Princess is accomplished by finding the mysterious Book of Pick-Up Lines, which is currently owned by the famous womanizer Cyrano (Cy). To purcahse the book, send an email requesting the purchase to the HS. First come, first served, no one will be refused unless they do not have the 25 PotBs or Cyrano does not have his one copy of the book. The book is returned to Cyrano when the current owner marries the princess. However, the princess will continue to love her new husband for 30 days, during which time he should endeavour to accomplish the third task, Saving the Kingdom. If he does not Save the Kingdom within the alloted time period, the princess becomes bored and divorces him. Original proposal #10

16   In order to take the hand of the Beautiful Princess (BP), a player must pay the IE a handsome dowry of twenty PotB, at which time the IE is to come up with a response. In order to decide his response, the following calculation must be made:
  1. Find a, where a is the number of accepted proposals the suitor has made.
  2. Find d, where d is the number of declined proposals the suitor has made.
  3. Divide a by d. If d is 0 (The player has a perfect score) the proposal is accepted automatically.
  4. Do the same for the player with the highest amount of PotB, or if the suitor is the highest, then the second highest.
  5. If the suitors score is greater than the players by one or more, than the proposal is accepted, otherwise, it is rejected.
The IE then makes a proclamation announcing the marriage. If the IE does not accept the marriage proposal, the dowry is returned to the suitor, minus a fee of five PotB for wasting the IE's valuable time. The princess can only be married to one individual at a time, as polygamy is not allowed in the kingdom. Original proposal #12

17   Unless otherwise specified, any player found guilty of breaching the rules of the game shall be thrown into the Pit of Pointlessness, and left there for a period of 3 days, lasting from the time their breach was spotted. No player in the Pit of Pointlessness may submit a Proposal. The Pit of Pointlessness is also inhabited by Metal-Eating Insects. A player thrown into the Pit of Pointlessness therefore loses half of their PotB (rounded down). Original proposal #14

18   Since the updates seem not to happen on a regular schedule, in order to facilitate knowing when an update has occured the HS will notify all players via email. No update may occur less than 24 hours from the previous announcement of an update. Original proposal #15

19   There shall exist a range of Health Echelons, which each Player and non-Player Entity is always considered to be at one of. These Echelons are, in the following descending sequence:-

"Healthy", "Scratched", "Wounded", "Dying", "Dead"

If a Player is Dead, they may take no part in the Game beyond the making of Proposals.
If the Beautiful Princess is Dead, her Hand may not be Sought, nor may she become Married.
If the Imperial Emperor or the Humble Scribe is Dead, the Game ends. If their Death was directly caused by the Actions of a Player, that Player becomes the Exalted Winner, otherwise the Exalted Winner is the Player with the highest number of PotBs.
If Maryaj becomes Dead, the Barbarian Army quietly and simultaneously commit suicide, also becoming Dead.
Upon Enactment of this Law, all Players and non-Player Entities will be at the "Healthy" Echelon. Original proposal #16

20   As befits those who seek the hand of the Princess in marriage, all players are members of the landed gentry. More specifically, all existing players besides TIE and THS are Barons, and any new player starts as a Baron. The levels of gentry above Baron are Count, Earl, and Duke (THS being a Duke). Royalty (of which TIE and the Princess are the only two current examples) is a class above the gentry of course. However, members of the gentry have certain obligations. If ever a member of the gentry goes into debt, and is not a Baron, they must sell their title, fall one level in rank, and receive 10 PotB to discharge their debt with. Original proposal #17

21   The barbarian army of Maryaj The Raepists originally consists of 100 members. When a proposal is rejected the army gains (10 + X) Squared members, where X is the number of rejected proposals since the number was last reset. Therefore if there were 2 rejected proposals the army would contain 144 members. However if at any time the army contains over 1000 members the creature can no longer control himself and eats all but 100 of his soldiers, which also resets the variable X to zero. Original proposal #18

22   A game day begins at the moment the previous game day ends. The length of a game day is 24 hours or the length of time between consecutive announcements (proposal decisions, proclamations, etc.) from IE via HS, whichever is longer. (The beginning of the first game day will be determined by TIE and may be any date and time since the beginning of the game.) Original proposal #19

23   Just before the end of the fifth world war TIE stole enemy blueprints that allowed him to complete his universal power flux pruifier. With it he was able to gain absolute power and thus is the only being within this dimension capable of destroying Maryaj. However, the battle would leave TIE so weak that he would be killed by Maryaj's horde of unholy abominations. Before TIE can attack Maryaj it is necessary for all the players of the game to band together and raise an army. Players email the HS when they wish to enlist/disband units. A payment of one (1) PotB per game day is required to arm, train, feed and house 100 soldiers and it takes 2 days for the unit to be created. For each day a unit exists it gains 10 men at no extra cost. When the battle occurs losses will be 1:1 to the death. Any future law that modifies this proposal takes precedence. Original proposal #20

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