Current rules of Imperial Nomic Training Game (initial rules blatantly stolen from Slakko)

    1. Minimal Office Holders
    The Game of Imperial Nomic shall always include at least two not necessarily distinct players who are office-holders: The Imperial Emperor / Empress (TIE) and The Humble Scribe (THS).

    2. What TIE Says Goes
    The decision of TIE is final and no correspondence will be entered into. The initial holder of the position of TIE is Eric "Rico" Plumb, who is also THS.

    3. How to Play
    A Proposal is submitted by sending it by electronic mail or the World Wide Web to THS, who must publish via the World Wide Web the current ruleset, proposal list, and current scores of all players.  Any player may join at any time by e-mailing TIE and expressing a desire to join.  Each player must represent a distinct person in RL (real life).

    4. Rights and Responsibilities of TIE
    TIE will judge each proposal submitted and accept, reject or ignore it. To ignore a proposal, the condition by which it is ignored must be explicit elsewhere in the ruleset. TIE may, at any time, modify or remove any existing rule or enact new rules, by the issuing of a Proclamation. In addition, e may, at any time, issue a Directive calling for proposals in a certain area.  If TIE so chooses, e may reward players for following such a Directive.

    5. Rights of THS
    The Humble Scribe may rewrite a proposal to clarify its meaning, as long as the rewriting does not alter the meaning.

    6. Automatic Queueing System
    If a player has submitted two undecided proposals for a Judgment Period and then submits a new proposal, the new proposal will replace the oldest of that player's undecided proposals.

    7. This Is How You Do It
     Any player may, at any time, submit a Point of Order to raise any issue relevant to the game.

    8. Application of Rules
    Each submission will be numbered and a new rule will apply to all submissions numbered greater than or equal to its own proposal unless it specifies otherwise.

    9. Resolution of Conflicts
    When several rules apply at the same time and have different consequences then the rule with the lowest number is applied first. Other rules may then be applied so long as they do not conflict directly with a rule that has already been applied.

10. Points Etc.

11. Thwap Dancing 12. Proposal Content 13. Political Allegiance
    TIE Fighters     TIE Minions     New World Order     Professional Starball League     General 14. Money Matters 15. A Kind of Magic
All players have a certain innate ability with The Force. Each player starts off with 10 Force Points.  Players may transfer Force Points into Points at the rate of 1 FP equals 5 points.  This transfer may not occur in the reverse direction.  Any player may use a Jedi Ability by spending the required number of force points (FPs),so long as they have that many.  Every Sunday each player gains one force point.   Every game action whose number is divisible by 10, TIE will pick 3 numbers randomly between 1 and 2n, where n is the most players ever to play the game.  If these numbers match the Lucky Number of any player, that player shall gain 3 FP for eir prescience.

Current possible uses of FPs, and their costs, are:

16. Spaceward Ho! (Rules found on Space page)
17. Starball
    There exists the Starball field.  The field is a square grid 5 rows tall and 12 columns wide mapped onto a cylinder, so row 5 is adjacent to rows 1 and 4.  (P66)
There are two teams - the Emerald Republic, and the Peach Rebellion.  All players start off belonging to neither team.  A player may join either team by making a declaration.  There are no restrictions on who may join which team.
Column 1 is the Emerald Republic's Zone.  Column 12 is the Peach Rebellion's Zone.  There are also Single Score Zones (SSZs).  Squares (4,2)-(4,4) are Emerald Empire SSZs and (9,2)-(9,4) are Peach Rebellion SSZs.  When a player joins a team, they are placed in the 3rd row of the respective zone, or a random adjacent square if that square is occupied.  The first player to join a team is initially the Team Emperor.
Each team in StarBall has a flag.  Flags are denoted EF and PF for now.   If the ball would hit the flag as a result of being thrown, it is instead stopped by a force field immediately prior to entering the flag square.  A player may only pick up a flag owned by a team other than eir own, and may only do so when in the same square as that flag. (P40) If a player picks up a flag, until e either (a) drops it, or (b) is hit by the Starball, any move e makes will also move the flag.  (P80)
As soon as each team has an Emperor, one of the two Emperors is chosen at random to be in possession of the Starball.  The first game of Starball then begins.
Every time a player makes a proposal, they may take one move in Starball.  This move happens only if the accompanying proposal is accepted. A player who submits no proposals during a judgment period may still make one Starball move. (P76) Moves are collected and queued by THS until the end of the judging period, then harfed as follows: All players' first moves are harfed simultaneously in the order given on the Starball page, then all second moves, and so on.  (P75)
The current moves available in Starball are: A player may spend 1 Force Point to move 1 square in any direction before or after eir declared move.  This happens whether the accompanying proposal is accepted or not.  The player may do this any number of times in one proposal, as long as e has enough Force Points to do so.  If the stated destination is not a legal move, the Force Points are spent, but nothing happens. (P51)
If the starball is thrown by a player, and a member of the same team catches the starball, then it considered a completed pass.  When a pass is completed, the throwing player gains 4 points, and the receiving player gains 2 point. (P53)
Any time a player carrying the Starball moves into or out of a square orthogonally adjacent to a player on the opposing team there is a 1 in 4 chance the latter player will connect with a diving tackle, causing the ball to move in a random direction and the players to end up on the same square. If a player is moving from *and* to such a square then the probability doubles. (P65)  If a player is anticipating a tackle, e may attempt a spin move.  If a player executes a spin move correctly, the effects of a tackle are canceled and the tackler falls down and misses eir next Starball move.  There is a 25% chance that a player will get dizzy when doing the spin move.  If he gets dizzy, he drops the ball and if he was moving, moves in a randomly selected direction.  If the player wasn't going to be tackled, he becomes dizzy automatically.
If a player enters a square which contains a Force Field for the opposite team, e drops any balls e is carrying and is bounced three squares horizontally in the direction of eir goal, stopping when e reaches eir team's end zone.  Force Fields move 1 square per JP, after all players move, toward the Starball.  If 2 Force Fields are ever in the same square, they both cancel out in a blinding flash of light after bouncing any players.  (P68)
Each team in Starball has a Goalie.  The Goalie is a Robot that tries to prevent the other team from scoring.  It will only occupy the column right in front of the respective team's zone.  It will randomly move either up or down once per day.  If a member of the other team enters the same column as the Goalie, and has the Starball, the Goalie will immediately Charge the player.  If the Goalie is in the same square as the (unpossessed and stationary) ball, it will pick it up and throw it toward the other team's goal.  It does not count as a member of its own team for purposes of interception.  All players may move through the same square as the Goalie without penalty unless it is Charging.  The power source for the Goalie is the team's flag.  If a member of the other team grabs the flag, the Goalie becomes inactive until the flag is replaced. (P81)
A Starball player scores 3 Scores for eir team if e is in row 3 of the opposing team's zone and in possession of the Starball.  At this point, all players are reset to their initial positions, and the ball is given to the Emperor of the team who was scored against.  If a player is in possession of the Starball in an opposition SSZ, eir team gains 1 Score, and only that player is reset to eir own team's goal.  In this case, the ball is replaced in the opposing team's goal.  If a player is in row 3 of eir own team's zone holding the opposing team's flag, e scores 6 Scores for eir team and that flag is reset to its position.  The first team to achieve 12 Scores wins the game and a purse of 100 credits per player; the losers receive 20 credits each as a consolation prize.  All players are then kicked off their team (to give other people a chance to play as team leader)

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