Proposals 101-150
for De Imperial Nomic (Imperial Nomic # 29)
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Proposal 101 - Your Eyes Can Deceive You (Slakko)
Praise: Glory be to the Most Telekinetic Emperor!
A player may use Jedi Mind Tricks to move flags.  A JMT on a flag is successful if and only if it is the only JMT aimed at that flag for that move.  A JMT can move a flag one square horizontally, vertically or diagonally, provided that the destination square is empty (things in the destination square inhibit the telekinesis field).
Decision: Accepted as part of a new category of Force tricks: Telekinesis
Comments: What good is the Force if you can't make things fly with it?  I think a JMT is too expensive for this, so I'll make TK: Flag worth 2 FP.  Slakko gains 3 points and 10 credits.

Proposal 102 - Stupid Number Tricks (Slakko)
Praise: Glory be to the Most Numerate Emperor!
If a player's score is a perfect square or a prime integer, then, on their pointing this fact out, they shall gain 10 points and 5 Force Points. [This should speed up point accumulation significantly - and we all need that.]
Decision: Accepted with the modification that perfect cubes count too.
Comments: Damn right we all do.  Slakko gains 3 points, 10 credits, and an extra 3 points for following my Directive before I put it up.  The WM is off trying to figure out whether eir Score is a prime number.  I point out to myself that my score (-2) is a prime number, then that it is a cube (8), then I thwap myself for all this silliness and point out that my score is a prime (17), then a cube (27), then a prime (37), then a prime (47), then I stop while I can.  I penalize myself 59 points so I don't accidentally take the title of Grand Moff.

Directive Drei / Proclamation V
I did a drastic revision on the Ruleset; please let me know what you think of the newfound modularity, and especially if I missed something.  I autocratically repealed the following rules: Bureau de Change (it was shot down in IN #28), You Snooze/You Lose (made obsolete by the JP process), vilification/praise (people seemed to be getting bored with especially the praise.  You're welcome to include it still, but you won't get thwapped for not doing so), cities (I changed all the city names to planet names so players wouldn't have to think of two witty names), and a few others.  Let me know if you desperately want any of those back, and I'll consider your request before laughing in your face.  Directivewise, considering players currently need a thousand proposals each to win that way, I'd like either new and interesting ways to earn massive amounts of points and credits or a tone-down of especially winning and ship costs.

Point of Order 103 (JT)
According to the section on duels between players, the way it is worded right now, during the weekly obi-wan/vader duel the winner would end up being both obi-wan and vader :)  That's not correct.. The title is only transferred if the duel is between members of the same political side (Imperial or Rebel).  (at least that was the intent of my proposal).  The thwapping of the loser also only occurs when the title is transferred.
Action: JT pointed out that eir score of 59 is prime.  E is (was) correct.
Comments: Well, if you wanna be picky about it... :-) That was my intent when I wrote "appropriate title."  I've tried to clear it up a bit now.  And I autocratically put in the bit about the loser of any duel being thwapped because it made sense, but now I'm just as autocratically taking it out again.  Because it makes sense.

Proposal 104 - It says WHAT??? (JT)
If at any time a player can cause a game action to spell out a proper english phrase then that phrase shall occur.  The action of this phrase is such that it can supercede other rules.
Decision: Accepted...
Comments: ...just because I want to see what JT's up to.  Modified so that TIE can nullify the occurrence of the phrase if e wishes, just so as not to make it TOO easy on JT.  JT gains 3 points and 10 credits.

Proposal 105 -  Your wish is my command. (JT)
   Change the rules so that the first gold star requires 150 points, the second requires 200, and the third requires 250 for each player.  Thus it gets harder to get the second and third stars until other players have also gotten their 1st, etc.  however it's not impossible.
Decision: Accepted, and Rule 10 is modified so that only the winner's score is reset to 0 after e gets eir Star.  This should make it easier for the others. (E also loses the TIE Bomber and TIE Interceptor titles, and I took out the part about all credits being reset.)
Comments: If any of you think this makes the game too easy, what with the Prime Time spiel, let me know and I'll do something about it like increasing the numbers.  JT gains 3 points and 10 credits.

Proposal 106 - It Binds the Universe Together (Slakko)
Players may transfer Force Points into Points at the rate of 1 FP equals 5 points.  This transfer may not occur in the reverse direction.
Action: Slakko pointed out that eir Score, 47, is a prime.
Action: Slakko used eir powers as Vader to thwap Illusion.  Immediately thereafter, Slakko emitted a scream of rage, and sank to eir knees in pain and fury, clutching at eir lightning-mangled hand.  Illusion grinned evilly in the pale blue light of eir Cheekbones.  Slakko lost 5 points, and Illusion became (drumroll, please...) the first Masochist!
Decision: Accepted.
Comments: I'm tempted to forbid it if eir score is 5 less than a prime, square, or cube, but I'll let it go for now. Slakko gains 3 points and 10 credits, and another 5 from the guy following the Wookie Monster, who just thwapped em.

Proposal 107 -  Alderaanian Rules Starball (Slakko)
The winning condition for starball is changed to 12 Scores.  Each goal is worth 3 Scores.
In addition to the goals, there are SSZs (Single Score Zones) on the field.  They comprise all non-goal areas of home zones, plus squares (4,2)-(4,4) are Emerald Empire SSZs and (9,2)-(9,4) are Peach Rebellion SSZs.  When a player possesses the ball and is in an opposition SSZ, their side earns a Score.
When a Single Score occurs, all players remain in place, except for the scorer.  E is returned to eir starting position, and the ball is placed on the goal square of the team scored against.
SSZs are coloured lightly in the colour of the appropriate team.
[The idea behind this significant rule change is to see more scoring enter the game - it takes a while to get all the way to the opponent's home zone, and then you are right back where you started.  This way scores can occur much more frequently]
Decision: Accepted.
Comments: Why not?  More action = more fun.  I'd like to see people start using Force Fields or Flags strategically, though; this is more interesting to me than just running some old ball around.  Maybe we should turn the Starball into a Hot Potato -- anyone who is holding it when eir score is triangular, Fibonacci, or congruent  to eir Lucky Number modulo 2n [thanks, Slakko] loses 10 points.  In any case, Slakko gains 3 points and 10 credits.

Proposal 108 - A Material Issue (Illusion)
Two players may enter into a trade pact if both of them have planets on the map, and the planets are producing different "stuf".  Each judgement period, each player gets 5 credits for each trade pact they are currently in.
Action: Illusion pointed out that eir score (49) was a perfect square, then that eir score (59) was a prime.
Decision: Rejected.
Comments: This takes away a lot of the incentive to build ships and carry products back and forth.  Illusion loses 1 point and is thwapped again.  E likes it now.

Proposal 109 - Beware the Empire (Illusion)
If a ship of a TIE Fighter and a TIE Minion are in the same square in space, and there are no other TIE Fighter ships in the square, the TIE Minion will board the TIE Fighter's ship.  The Minion then gains 50 Credits and 5 Points, and the TIE Fighter loses that much.
If there are two or more TIE Fighter ships in the same square as one TIE Minion ship, the Fighters will board the Minions ship.  The Minion will lose 50 Credits and 10 Points, and each Fighter will gain 25 Credits and 5 Points.
Decision: Accepted with the tweak that the boarding party or parties has to have a combined WF greater than that of the boarded.
Comments: But do the droids get away?  Illusion gains 3 points and 10 credits.

Proposal 110 - NWO Justice (Idjgrafa Wutn)
Arrogance: You weasels will never beat me, cuz i'm too strong, i'm too rich, and i'm just - too - tan!  (performing signature poses)
There are items called "energy foreign objects" which resemble baseball-bat-shaped light epees.  It is possible for NWO members to create them in the same way that tie fighters create their light foils.  Using these, NWO members can participate in duels with everyone else.  NWO members are encouraged to perform their signature wrestling move on their opponent if they win the duel.
Action: Idj picked a Lucky Number of 1 and pointed out that eir Score (5) is a prime.  E also concentrated, but didn't get a Force Point.
Decision: Rejected.
Comments: I'd like NWO members to have different ways of making their weapons.  Idj loses 1 point and is thwapped, which is my Signature Move.  The AVLG singled out Hachiman again, and Lucky Numbers picked were 5, 7, and 15.  Rico and JT each gain 3 Force Points.

Proclamation VI
Players' scores are primes, cubes, or squares far too often, it seems.  The 10-point gain is fine, and allows people who don't do that much proposing to get back into the game, but 5 FP is too much.  I've dictated this down to 2.
Proposal 111 - Come to me, my pretty (JT)
Various small objects can be affected by the Force, causing them to move.  For the expenditure of 1 Force Point, a player may cause the StarBall, if it's not currently held to move in any direction they desire, and continue moving in that direction until it enters the same square as a player, in which case that player takes possession of it, or would move off the field, in which case it stops moving.
Action: JT concentrated, got a Force Point, and attempted to create a Light Foil using 10 FP.  Dice returned a 24 out of 100 when I was looking for 25 or less, so JT becomes the first TIE Fighter with a Light Foil, strength 10.
Decision: Accepted as a modification to the Telekinesis rule.  Modified so this, like the Flag TK, takes a Starball move.
Comments: The ultimate in mind over matter.  JT gains 3 points and 10 credits.

Proposal 112 - Get in Formation (Illusion)
Add a new move to Starball - the defensive plant.  A player giving their move as a defensive plant will stay in the current square until either a goal is scored, or a member of the opposing team enters an adjacent square.  If a goal is scored, e can then again submit starball moves.  If an opposing player enters an adjacent square, the planted player will immediately charge the player, regardless of whether or not they have the ball, and may thereafter once again submit Starball moves.
Action: Illusion attempted to JMT Slakko into charging down in Starball, but was blocked by the Rebellion's awesome Jedi Cheerleaders.
Decision: Accepted.
Comments: Starball is fast becoming rugby. Illusion gains 3 points and 10 credits.

Proposal 113 - Everbody Hurts (Illusion)
If Vader loses a duel against Obi-Wan, he becomes Depressed.  Until e manages to win a duel against Obi-Wan, nobody is caught in the AVLG, since Vader can't concentrate enough to do it to anyone.
If Obi-Wan loses a duel against Vader, the whole Rebellion becomes depressed. The Wookie Monster becomes too busy mourning to thwap anyone until Obi-Wan manages to win a duel against Vader.
Decision: Accepted.
Comments: I love it.  "I'm sorry, my Lord, but I really haven't been feeling myself recent... *urk*" Illusion gains 3 points and 10 credits, and is wedgied by the jubilant Wookie Monster, gaining a full 10 credits from its follower.

Proposal 114 - Swooshing the Flags About (Slakko)
(The Title is a reference to the umpiring signals used)
The current score of each team in Starball shall be represented as (a - b - c), where a is the number of Goals scored, b is the number of individual Scores scored, and c is the team's total Score.  That way the breakdown of a team's scoring is immediately apparent.
Action: Slakko attempted to JMT Illusion into moving right in Starball.  This got past the Republic's incompetent Jedi Mind Blockers, and e succeeded.
Decision: Accepted.
Comments: Sure, why not?  Slakko gains 3 points and 10 credits.

Proposal 115 - You can run, but you can't hide, planeteers! (Slakko)
If a player joins the game, e has one week to specify the square eir planet is in, otherwise a free square will be chosen by TIE's whim for that planet.  All players who, at the time of adoption of the proposal creating this rule change, had not specified the square their planet is in will have one week to specify said square, at the end of which time any unallocated planets will be distributed at TIE's whim.  One week after this change is adopted, the last two sentences are repealed.
Action: Slakko bought a WF 1 ship called the Bug Ford (a double pun on the Millenium Bug and Ford Falcon) (I shudder to think what I started with the relatively innocuous Eon Kestrel), picked up a consignment of Oklaks Juice at eir home planet, and moved three squares left.
Decision: Accepted.
Comments: Thank you, Slakko.  I think my AVLG has worked far too well on Goldenmean and Hachiman; they seem to have been choked into submission.  Slakko gains 3 points and 10 credits, and the Wookie Monster is probably trying to find its own planet.

Proposal 116 -  And it's a photo finish... no wait... (JT)
When the game ends, there needs to be a way to rank players such that rankings for the IN hall of fame can be determined.  I propose the following ranking system.  First place goes to TEW.  All other players are ranked by the following criteria in order, with ties being broken by criteria further down the list: Number of gold stars, number of points, light weapon strength, alphabetically by name.
Action: JT created a WF 1 (really) ship called the Wilde Ride, picked up a consignment of Silk TIEs, and moved 3 spaces up.  E also concentrated, but didn't get a Force Point.  E challenged Obi-Wan to a Duel, but since no one was Obi-Wan, e automatically gained that title.  With Goldenmean and Hachiman tied for highest amount of credits, this left the position of Leader of the Rebellion vacant.  Unfortunately, since this update happened on Monday, we'll have to wait until next Sunday to see Slakko and JT in the Duel of the Century, Or At Least This Week.
Decision: Accepted.
Comments: Maybe credits should be in there somewhere.  But JT gains 3 points and 10 credits in any case.

Action 117 - (The Gingham Wearer)
TGW concentrated, getting a Force point, bought 50 credits of Frinks and Munchies, and moved eir ship 3 spaces right.

Action 118 - (Slakko)
Slakko moved eir ship 3 spaces left.

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