Imperial Nomic #28 v2.0

The bigger, better ImpNom

size does count...

Imperial Nomic #28 v2.0 is the second interation of the same Nomic game number. A global conspiracy involving Sausage Software, Geocities, and Microsoft, otherwise known at the Trinity by leading conspiracy theorists and analysts, plotted the destruction of the last version of Imperial Nomic. They instituted a plan to destroy the pertinent pages once the game reached maximum peak, that is, when The Exalted Winner was close to being determined. By encoding special instructions into their utilities, they were able to gain control and destroy my hard work. Not this time however. I have discovered their plan and hatched my own counterstrike. Be warned Hotdog, Geocities, and Microsoft. I am on to you.

If you have no idea what Nomics are or you are unfamiliar with the Imperial Nomic ruleset is all about I'll explain. First of all, Nomic is a game of making up rules. Standard Nomic rules dictacts how players make new rules, generally by proposing a new rule or a change to a rule already in place. Those proposals are usually voted on democratically with those proposals that pass being added to the ruleset. So the rules of the game are always changing. The perfect example of this is Calvinball from the Calvin N Hobbes cartoon [shown here is one of many examples ~~ click to englarge].

To see a running example of the standard Nomic ruleset, take a look at Slakko's Ackanomic page. WARNING: This is a very long running game and so is one that has developed a rather LARGE ruleset (500k at last check). Not for the faint of heart. You can also check out the Net Nomic Database for a listing of currently running nomic games.

Ok, so that explains general nomics. So what is Imperial Nomic? Imperial Nomic or as it is sometimes called, Fascist Nomic is quite different from the standard nomic ruleset because instead of a democratic ruleset where players vote on proposals, one person who is deemed The Imperial Emporer and makes the decisions as to what passes and what fails. This may seem a little heavy handed or unfair but it actually works quite well. With the ImpNom ruleset the game progresses quickly as proposals are usually passed or denied within a day or two instead of a week or more in other nomics. Also power resting in one person is not as bad as it sounds, as the person making the executive decisions can't deny everything, i.e. no one would want to play.

So now you understand what Imperial Nomic is all about and you can't wait to play. First of all, you should read the Initial Rules and the Current Rules to find out what the rules are, the Proposals to get a feel for the current direction of the game, then submit a proposal! It's that simple.

See you soon!
-- Joe Java
   The Imperial Emporer

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