[Nomic02] Ratified: reruns

Dylan O'Donnell nomic02@wurb.com
Mon, 5 May 2003 14:01:36 +0100

The following proposals have been unanimously agreed (explicitly by
baf, jwalrus and Jota; implicitly by Roger and me). They will go into
effect creating a new Dark Gift, a new token and Rule 152, and Rule
153, respectively, in one hour from the timestamp of this message.

  Further Assault and Battery [Psmith]

  SURFACE-TO-AIR MISSILE BATTERY: If a room is the location of a player
  with a Surface-To-Air Missile Battery, no other player may consider
  that room connected to any other room at all for the purposes of
  flying, unless the former player has posted to the List within the
  previous 24 hours to say that they will permit the flying player to
  do so.

  Bang!-Bang! [Psmith]

  Create a prize token and time bomb, with name "esploding cigar",
  initial location Blasted Heath, initial destination Iraq, value 4, and
  initial delay five days.

  If at any time no esploding cigar exists, the active player may create
  one as an action. Its name, location, destination, and value will be
  the same as those of the esploding cigar to have most recently
  existed, except that if this would cause it to be removed immediately
  from the game, its location will instead be Blasted Heath. Its delay
  will be one day shorter than that of the esploding cigar to have most
  recently existed. If this would result in a non-positive delay, the
  action may not be taken.

  Throwing a Bone [Psmith]

  The first player to accrue two hundred and fifty points will be
  considered to achieve "First Honours". If multiple players reach this
  number of brownie points simultaneously, each will be considered to
  achieve "Shared Honours".

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