[Nomic02] [P] More dark gifts

Dylan O'Donnell nomic02@wurb.com
Tue, 11 Mar 2003 09:11:21 +0000

Carl Muckenhoupt wrote:
> Each is a separate proposal for a dark gift.
> Accumulation [baf]
> Add a dark gift named Accumulation:
> Any player with Accumulation automatically receives one brownie point
> every day at midnight GMT.


> Flight [baf]
> Add a dark gift named Flight:
> In any situation where the rules permit a player to move him or herself
> voluntarily, a player with Flight may instead fly.  Flying consists of
> changing one's location to a room connected to a room connected to one's
> current location.


> Repulsiveness [baf]
> Add a dark gift named Repulsion:
> No player may voluntarily move or fly to the location of a player with
> Repulsiveness.

But you haven't defined Repulsiveness; the gift is called Repulsion.
Proposal for a change to the Table of Synonyms:

  Repellent Patch [Psmith]

  There shall be a row of the Table of Synonyms containing the words
  "Repulsion" and "Repulsiveness".  

And aye to Repulsiveness [baf].

> Strength [baf]
> Add a dark gift named Strength:
> A player with Strength may, on his or her turn, steal from player without
> Strength if the location of the players is the location of neither
> player's servant or of both players' servants.


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