[Nomic02] proposal: Public Eye [jwalrus]

Adam Biltcliffe nomic02@wurb.com
Mon, 20 Jan 2003 16:59:14 -0000

>> Public Eye [jwalrus]:
>> "Whenever any change to the state of the game is made by a means other
>> than unanimous or sectional agreement, the player responsible must
>> announce this fact to all other players through the List. The change 
>> be considered to have been made at the moment this is done."
> I believe we already have non-player-driven gamestate changes,
> like the changing of the active player by timeout.

True; it strikes me that there ought to be a mechanism for making sure 
we're all aware of these, as well as changes such as players receiving 
demerits for inactivity or failure to name a servant. Alternatively, we 
could alter the rules so that non-player-driven gamestate changes are 
replaced with giving any player the ability to make the change in question 
at the appropriate time.

> I like the intent of this rule, though.  Perhaps something
> more like 'Any player action must be posted to the List' or
> some such.

To clarify, are you explictly voting against this proposal? Currently 
you're voting in favour of it as you were a passive voter when I proposed