[Nomic02] proposal: Public Eye [jwalrus]

Adam Biltcliffe nomic02@wurb.com
Mon, 20 Jan 2003 16:44:00 -0000

> Adam Biltcliffe wrote:
>> Two new rule proposals:
>> Magic Omnibus [jwalrus]:
>> "There shall exist an entity called the Magic Omnibus which has
>> a location  on the map. The initial location of the Magic
>> Omnibus shall be the House of  Commons. Once per turn, the Magic
>> Omnibus may be used (by the active  player) to transport the
>> active player or the active player's servant, if  their location
>> [...]
> This proposal doesn't specify the means of using the Magic
> Omnibus; is there a "by posting intent to do so" missing? Nay for
> now, though I support the idea.

Yes, there should probably have been a "by posting intent to do so" there. 
However, I'll respond with an additional proposal:

Public Eye [jwalrus]:
"Whenever any change to the state of the game is made by a means other than 
unanimous or sectional agreement, the player responsible must announce this 
fact to all other players through the List. The change shall be considered 
to have been made at the moment this is done."

This should allow for rules (such as the one above) which specify what a 
player may do without making it always necessary to include 'by posting 
intent to do so'. Unanimous and sectional agreement are exempted as the 
mechanism for those specifies that the decision must be taken through the 
mailing list in any case.