[Nomic02] Room Suggestions

Adam Biltcliffe nomic02@wurb.com
Thu, 16 Jan 2003 23:05:30 -0000

--On 16 January 2003 3:53 pm -0700 "Carbol, Roger" 
<Roger.Carbol@gov.calgary.ab.ca> wrote:

>> Nay; I don't think it's meaningful at this point for a room
>> to contain brownie points
> I think it's as meaningful as players containing brownie
> points, which may or may not be very much.
>> Again, I have to vote nay on this on the grounds that
>> according to the rules, a room can't contain demerits.
> I wouldn't say the rules say that.

At the moment the rules don't define demerits or brownie points at all. If 
my latest proposal is passed, demerits and brownie points will be defined 
in terms of a tally attached to each player, which makes it entirely 
meaningful for players to have them and entirely impossible for rooms to 
contain them.