[Nomic02] Room Suggestions

Admiral Jota nomic02@wurb.com
Thu, 16 Jan 2003 17:45:22 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 16 Jan 2003, Carbol, Roger wrote:

> 1)  There exists a room which is not connected to
> any other room nor can it be connected to any other
> room.

Seems reasonable. I'm reading as, effectively, a two-part proposal:
A) There exists a room (without a specified name). B) This room is not
connected to any other rooms.

Assuming no one assigns this room a name that'd conflict with the earlier
proposal about connectivity by Nth letters, I have no problems with this
room. Aye.

> 2)  There exists a room which is connected to
> every other room and every possible room.

Nay. For one, it'd conflict with the above proposal. For two, it'd
conflict with the earlier Nth letter connectivity. For three, it'd wreak
havoc on connectivity to have a room that's connected to every single
other one. Too easy to get from place to place.

> 3)  There exists a room called "The Bank" which
> contains 10 brownie points.
> 4)  There exists a room called "Iraq" which
> contains three demerits.

Nay to both. There's nothing in any rule that describes a room as
containing anything, so that's not a property of rooms unless a rule makes
it so. Furthermore, there is nothing yet in the rules about brownie points
or demerits that suggests that they can be associated with anything other
than players.

> 5)  There exists a room called "The".

I've got nothing against this in principle, but in practice, it doesn't
appear to serve particularly much purpose beyond that served by the room
described in your first proposal above. So nay. However, a proposal to
name the room mentioned in your first proposal to "The" would be fine by

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