[Nomic02] Formal proposals

Adam Biltcliffe nomic02@wurb.com
Thu, 16 Jan 2003 12:40:24 -0000

--On 16 January 2003 4:43 am -0500 Admiral Jota <jota@shelltown.net> wrote:

> Under the assumption that, when jwalrus votes, the original form of the
> rule will be ratified, I'm going to give a formal "nay" to this -- not
> because I dislike it, but just to prevent us from ratifying both versions,
> and ending up with clone rules. However, the principle you illustrate is
> one to keep in mind in the future. Also, if jwal vetoes the original
> version but supports this, I'll happily change my vote.

I'm in favour of splitting the rule, both aesthetically and so that we 
still have a definition of 'post' if the rule demeriting players for not 
posting is revoked. Accordingly, I'll vote aye in favour of baf's split 
version and nay to the original so that someone can kill it and prevent 
both from passing.

>    Additional rooms on the map shall include (but need not be limited
>    to) "West of House", "Attic", "Under the High Wall (on a resting)",
>    "Washington, DC", "Central Park", "The House of Commons", "Saturn",
>    "Blasted Heath", "The North Pole", and "West of Nowhere".

Aye. (out of interest, baf, will you be keeping details of the map on the 
website under the state of the game?)